7 Amazing and Unusual Uses for Coconut Oil (You NEED to try #5)

coconut oil on spoon

With coconut oil’s recent rebranding as a “good” fat, thousands of creative uses have virally exploded onto the internet including some very delicious recipes. (Like homemade Thai curry, which is my favorite!)

Despite the apparent health benefits of coconut oil when consumed, the oil derived from the tropical fruit has a countless number of creative and unusual uses. Check out our 7 favorite uses below!

  1. A Doggie Treat

While feeding chocolate to your pup can be deadly, coconut oil is a favorite treat of many four legged pets. When fed to cats and dogs, the oil actually helps clear up skin conditions, eliminate stinky dog breath and even keeps their coats nice and shiny.

  1. Remedies Dry Hair and Scalp

If you have dry hair or a dry scalp, you should try applying just a little bit of coconut oil to it. You’ll be mesmerized at how quickly the dry strands on your head become nourished. It even helps rehabilitate split ends and smells very good! Simply put some coconut oil into your hands, rub it into your palms, then to the back of your hands. With the coconut oil spread out, it is time to start applying it to your dry follicles.

  1. It Repels Insects

If you’re wary of spraying the chemical DEET all over yourself, and we don’t blame you, coconut oil offers a natural solution. Simply mix 10 parts coconut oil to one part lemongrass or peppermint and you have a solution that keeps bugs at bay.

  1. Home-made Toothpaste

Solid at room temperature, coconut oil fights cavities and tooth decay. When you combine half a cup of baking soda with half a cup of coconut oil, you have a home-made toothpaste with antibacterial and antibiotic properties. You can even put a few drops of peppermint oil in the paste for flavor.

  1. Natural Energy Booster

That’s right! Feeling the after lunch slump? Skip the coffee, put some coconut oil in your smoothie and allow the medium-chain fats in the oil to naturally boost your energy levels.

  1. Eye Makeup Remover

Put some coconut oil onto a cotton ball and wipe it over your eyes. It will not only remove the makeup, but it will also moisturize the skin around your eyes. Rinse with water to remove the oiliness.

  1. Natural Deodorant

If you’re into natural solutions, try DIY coconut oil deodorant. Combine ¼ cup coconut oil, 1/8 cup arrowroot powder, 1/8 cup cornstarch and a teaspoon of baking soda. When at room temperature, it will be easy to apply to your under arms.

Now that you know 7 amazing and unusual uses for coconut oil, are you going to try any? Please share which one you want to use with us in the comments.

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