A Morning Full of Thankfulness

Every single morning I have the awesome privilege of waking up and doing what I love to do. I am convinced that this opportunity comes from a combination of good fortune and choice. The more positive thoughts that I choose to have, the better things go for me and those around me. Today, I just wanted to share with you all the amazing things that I get to experience every day with the hopes that you can find positive things around you to be thankful for as well.

1. Coffee

Delicious Coffee

Today I am thankful for coffee from Coffee Corners in my magnificent mug from The Neighborhood Office.

2. Technology

Connected with a single click

I am thankful that I can connect with the world around me through the amazing tool we have in the internet.

3. Email


It’s so wonderful to be able to message the many devoted readers and local businesses using email. It’s a convenience that we’re all very used too now, but I still love using it every day. I am very thankful for email!

4. Music

Frank Sinatra

I have a very sacred routine every single morning at work. I come in, make my coffee, and then I turn on Frank Sinatra. I have two favorite places that I like to listen to Frank. In my office and also at the end of the day when I’m enjoying a cold one at Danny Boy’s. Frank makes me calm and happy. I am thankful for Frank.

5. Beats

Beats by Dre

I am so incredibly thankful for my Beats that I got for Christmas this year. I’m a music addict and I’ve wanted to get these for years, and I finally did. It enhances my listening experience in an amazing way.

6. My Son

My Son

I’m so incredibly thankful for my son, and everything that he has taught me. Not a moment goes by that I don’t think about him. He brings me so much joy.

7. My Family

My Family

All around my office I have little things that remind me of my wonderful family. I am truly blessed with the most amazing family and I am so thankful for them every single day.

8. Reading


I am incredibly thankful for the gift of sight that allows me to read. I am thankful for my mother who taught me to love learning and to love reading. I like to tack up parts of books that I’ve read to help inspire me every day.

9. Creativity


I am thankful for the ability to be creative every single day. I love that I can dream up an idea and then actually do it. I have talented people all around me that help me achieve my dreams by working hard and being creative. I love that I get to try new things all the time with other creative people around me. It’s a blast!

10. Geauga News

Geauga News

I am thankful every day for all the wonderful readers of Geauga News! That means you! I am thankful for you and that you support our local, unique, community online paper. It means so much to have a community of people around me who support us!

11. Persistence

Persistence x1000

I am also thankful for the gift of persistence. I am thankful that my grandfather taught me to be persistent, and I’m thankful for the ones in my life who have been persistent with me. Never, never, never give up. Persist in giving thanks. Persist in encouraging others. Persist in trying to achieve your dreams. x1000.

Geauga News
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