Absurd Times Call for Absurd Amounts of Love

“The existence of books, no matter how grim the tale, is itself a sign, evidence that humanity endures, in the very contagion of reading. Reading may be an infection, the mind of the writer seeping, unstoppable, into the mind of the reader. And yet it is also—in its bidden intimacy, an intimacy in all other ways banned in times of plague—an antidote, proven, unfailing, and exquisite.” — Jill Lepore

Wow. We’re reaching out today with hope and gratitude. Last week we scrapped our normal newsletter to try something new, and to be honest we weren’t sure how it would go. But in the midst of crisis, the Cleveland literary community responded with compassion, creativity, and courage. You supported local bookstores in their time of need. You wrote moving and meaningful new work. You donated with hand or heart to local organizations (including ours—thank you!). What an amazing community. We’re astonished.

We’d like to keep the good will going. This week we have a brand new list of resources and activities we hope will help at this time, including:

  • New Writing Challenges to inspire new work
  • Resources for writers who may need financial help
  • Online Classes to improve your skills
  • New Ways to Help the local literary community
  • And more

We hope it will be helpful.
Stay healthy and keep writing.

Literary Cleveland

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