After 3 Long Rounds with My Jeep, Chesterland Auto Body Comes Out on Top

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Finding a trustworthy mechanic is one of those things that should go on the “must haves” list as soon as we start driving as teenagers. We’ve all heard horror stories of how someone thought their car was getting fixed, when in fact someone was just taking advantage of them and not only stealing their money, but also risking their life with unsafe repairs. I’m glad I’ve found someone I can trust and I want to share them with you today!

Round One: The Radiator Cracks

“There is steam pouring out from under the hood and green fluid all over the parking lot,” Abby told me over the phone about two months ago. “Well you better call Chesterland Auto Body and get towed then” I replied. My 2003 Jeep has about 170,000 miles on it now and I knew I was going to be faced with some repairs soon, and surprise, today was the day it decided to break down. I’ve learned over time that I will always have a car payment, either a new car payment or a maintenance payment.

I always figure that if I can keep the maintenance “payment” under $200 a month overall for the year then I’m doing good. My Jeep was about to cash in on its good behavior for the first part of the year.

Abby called Chesterland Auto Body and they happened to have someone about 20 minutes away in a tow truck. Fortunately my son was still at school and Abby was in a parking lot safe and sound and not on the side of the road somewhere. I was able to go pick my son up and meet her at the shop. When I walked through the door two familiar faces and friendly smiles greeted me.

Ken and T.C. were both there that day. They are the two service managers that I’ve worked with in the past. “Want to buy another Jeep T.C.?” I joked. T.C. told me last year that he owned a Jeep similar to mine and so I am always joking with him about how he should buy mine for parts. “No, but we’ll figure out what’s going on and let you know right away” he replied.

They got Abby into a loaner car so we wouldn’t be down to one vehicle and we left the Jeep there to figure out what was going on. A few hours later Ken called me and explained that the radiator had cracked and needed replaced. He also let me know that the fan bearing was going bad that it needed replaced soon as well and that he could save me a lot of labor charges if he did it now instead of after putting the new radiator in. We went ahead and did all the work and picked the Jeep up the next day.

One thing that always surprises me about working with the team at Chesterland Auto Body is that their pricing is so reasonable. For being such a large full service shop they are extremely competitive and often a better deal than all the local places around. I know I am always being treated and charged fairly there, so I don’t worry about sending any part of my family or my friends there. Even if they don’t know anything about auto repair I know that they’ll be treated fairly and never over charged.

I was glad the Jeep was back on the road, and I thought that was the end of the story, but unfortunately it was not!

Round Two: The Jeep Rejects It’s Implanted Radiator

It felt like déjà vu. “There is steam pouring out from under the hood and green fluid all over the parking lot,” Abby told me one week later. “Well you better call Chesterland Auto Body again and get it towed” I replied.

I had no idea what would make this situation happen again, but fortunately the Jeep had decided to break down in a parking lot again. I have to give it credit for doing that at least. This time it was in the parking lot at my son’s school and I was able to go pick Abby and him up so we could drive to Chesterland Auto Body and pick up a rental car.

One of the great things about working with Chesterland Auto Body is that they can usually give us a loaner for free when they have them available or rent us a car when all the loaners are out. It’s nice to be able to send Abby there without worrying about having to pick her up and be without a car every time we need something repair. Melissa always takes great care of us and puts us in a car for a day or two while the repairs are being done.

When Ken called me the next day he informed me that the radiator was defective and that they had replaced it and taken care of everything at no charge. I was worried my Jeep was going to cost me more than it was worth that month, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was something that was under warranty since the radiator was brand new. One thing that I always trust is that the whole team at Chesterland Auto Body is going to take great care of us and they’ve never let me down.

Round Three: The Jeep Tries to Breakup with Me (and fails)

Sometimes I think cars have a their own soul, or maybe not a soul, but at least a mind of their own. My friend Gina named her Jeep, and about this time a month ago I was thinking of a lot of “special” names for my Jeep, none of which I would write out here because they’re too offensive!

“The Jeep is overheating again” Abby texted me another week after the defective radiator was replaced. I called her and asked her when it was overheating. It was only overheating while parked, so she was able to turn it off and wait for my son to get out of school. After picking him up they drove to Chesterland Auto Body as this seemed like a weekly vacation for the Jeep at this point!

Once again Melissa got them into a loaner car and away they went to enjoy the rest of their day. I was not enjoying the day! I felt like my Jeep was trying to break up with me once and for all, but I really didn’t feel like it was our time yet.

I also was honestly very frustrated because I didn’t know what else could be going wrong and I had no idea how much this trip to the shop was going to cost me. No matter how much I had trusted Chesterland Auto Body in the past I felt like maybe something was being missed or overlooked. It’s normal to start questioning things when you spend every Thursday at the repair shop!

“Looks like it was a bad relay Gabe”, Ken told me over the phone when he called later. As it turns out, the relay probably went bad due to being overheated when the first and then the second radiator failed. It had held up pretty well over the last 170,000 miles, but was time to have it replaced.

For just a small fee I was able to replace the relay and get my Jeep back on the road again. My doubts were washed away because after that final repair in my radiator saga I’ve had zero problems with the Jeep. I knew deep down that I could trust Ken, T.C., Billy, and the whole team there to take great care of us just like always.

A Shop You Can Really Trust (they’re just like family)

Every time I walk through the doors at Chesterland Auto Body I’m greeted by warm smiles and friendly service. I have the utmost confidence that you can go there and receive outstanding service every single time. Even if your vehicle is trying to break up with you, they’ll counsel you both through it and help you make it out to the other side relatively unscathed!

Not only do they offer full service mechanical, they do outstanding bodywork, and they now include 24 hour towing. No matter what’s going on, what time of day or night it is, you can call Chesterland Auto Body and receive the high quality service and respect that you and your car deserve.

Next time you stop in for an oil change or even something more involved, remember to tell them that you found them on Geauga News!

Chesterland Auto Body is located at 8032 Mayfield Road in Chesterland. For more information visit the Chesterland Auto Body website or call 440-729-9506.

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