Alumni Bring Back the Beat for One More Night

by Danielle Young

They might not have been the Marching 110, but for many on Friday, September 20, Berkshire’s marching band was definitely the best band in the land. This could be due to the efforts of the new band directors to have the first annual Alumni Band Night.

All former band members were invited back to perform with the band for pre-game and halftime. For pre-game, the high school band members did their normal entrance before the alumni joined them for the Star Spangled Banner. Throughout the game, it was interesting to see the blend of past, present, and even future band “geeks” enjoying the evening.

Badger Alumni

Due to Hawken not having a band, the Badgers were able to have the whole halftime to perform and honor the past alumni. The Badgers performed one of their normal sets before the alumni joined. All the alumni were announced by name and year of graduation prior to everyone performing Ohio State’s unofficial fight song, “Hang On Sloopy.”

The years ranged from the ‘70s to even as near as the class of 2013. For some of the younger alumni, it may have been like having a déjà vu of being back in high school, and for the older, it was likely a blast from the past. Overall, the whole halftime show was very vibrant and you could really sense the joy of the returning adults. The band had a lot of spirit and between the band, audience, and the football players, the William A. Reed field was certainly electrified.

The football team ended up getting a W that night, beating Hawken 50-42 in a strong win. As a whole, the Alumni Band Night was one to surely remember, and hopefully it is a tradition that will continue for years to come.

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