Are Your Expectations Wrong?

Alarm clock

5:00 am comes early when the previous day ended just a few hours ago. Sometimes, I have to lie in my warm bed and come up with compelling reasons why I should pull back the covers and step out onto the floor to get started with my day. I’ve realized that my body isn’t that tired. It’s more that my mind is more comfortable in its current fuzzy, dreamy state. My mind is so much sleepier than my body.

My thoughts wrap me in a warm euphoric blanket of darkness. Whispering to me they say, “Just a little while longer Gabe; it’s okay to sleep here a little longer,” and I want to believe them. Unfortunately it’s a lie. My thoughts like to try and trick me into believing that sleeping a little longer will help me or will make this warm moment last. The trouble is, that if I close my eyes a for a moment, an hour seems like two minutes. So not only have I lost an hour of the day, I’ve been cheated because I only get to experience a few minutes of it.

I’ve learned that my brain needs some perspective on the situation. I roll over and turn on my phone. Over time I’ve found that I can trick my sleepy head into getting started if I ask it to read a little. If I read the notices that come into my phone, if I open my email, and if I check my Facebook account, my brain starts humming along and before I know it, I’m awake. Like I said, my mind just needs a different perspective on the moment, and I’ve finally found a way to slip that new perspective in and turn my thoughts, and then my actions, into positive responses.

The end of the old year and the beginning of the new year are always times that I use to reflect on the past and plan for the future. One thing that has been important to me during this new year is focusing on changing my perspective on the situations and people around me.

There are a few important things that I do to help me achieve new perspective:

1. I remember everything that I believe is a lie

To get started, I tell myself, “Everything you believe about this situation, person, or problem is a lie, Gabe.” That might sound extreme, but rather than build a “new” perspective on old ideas, I try to start fresh and explore everything that I can to help me build a new positive and productive perspective.

2. I try to trick myself

Once I’ve identified a possible solution, I figure out a way to “trick” myself into trying out my new positive perspective. Just like at 5:00 a.m. I’ve learned that I can take an alternate route to waking my brain up, I’ve found that there are always creative ways to trick myself into getting started. Sometimes we need to break up the monotony of life and do something unique to get us off on the right track.

3. I drastically lower my expectations of others

I’m not saying that you should think poorly of people, but I do believe that I am less disappointed and more positive and productive when I don’t come into a situation expecting people to impress me with their diligence, hard work, and attention to detail. I have gotten so much further along when I start by accepting where others are at in life.

Maybe it’s not just lowering expectations of others. Maybe, in reality, it’s a choice on my part to not project my own expectations on others. Sometimes taking a step back and thinking through how I approach new situations is the key to a better perspective.

So whatever your current challenges are, I want to encourage you to try a new approach in gaining perspective. A new and positive perspective on your situation can make all the difference in your success and happiness.

“A little perspective, like a little humor, goes a long way.” ~ Allen Klein

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