Back-to-School: Uniforms, Clothes, Shoes, Supplies….and Dental Check-Ups!

Preparations for school are on the high priority list for many family’s at this time of year. Materials lists; sports forms and physicals; uniforms; clothes, shoes, books, dental check-ups. Dental check-ups?

Yes! Did you know that research shows that more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases have oral manifestations?  With that kind of a statistic, it’s a good idea for both you and your child to include the dentist in your preparations for back-to-school.

Some of these diseases include:


Gum abscesses, swelling, or a lot of bone loss in a short amount of time can be signs of diabetes as people with this disease are more likely to develop gum disease. Of people under 20 years of age, 215,000, or 0.26% have diabetes or 1 in every 400 children and adolescents. And that number continues to grow.

Oral Cancer

Your dentist may see a small red spot near the back of your mouth, on your tongue, cheek lining or other hidden spots that may indicate cancer is present.


Your teeth may be worn down or chipped if you’ve been unconsciously grinding. Grinding can occur at night or even during the day resulting in a wearing down of teeth. This can cause bone loss that your dentist can detect through current technology. You may or may not be aware that you’ve been grinding your teeth, but your dentist can spot the signs. Unfortunately, children are not immune to stress and can also be teeth grinders!

Heart Disease

Research has been going on regarding links between inflammation in the mouth which increases inflammation in other parts of the body, including the arteries. This inflammation may play a role in heart attacks or strokes.

Of course, as people age, these diseases become more likely. Whether young, old or anywhere in between, dental check ups are just another way to help curb the potential for these serious diseases to develop further. Other diseases dentists have detected include leukemia, pancreatic cancer, heart disease, and kidney disease.

Jason Majors Family DentistrySo as you prepare for school to begin, why not schedule a dental check up for both your children and yourself?

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