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“If you believe in what you are doing, then it is much more than simply business, especially if the goal is to bring the benefits of great products to people who need them.” ~Vic Peroni, President, Hebron USA

When it comes to health and wellness products, there are about as many choices as there are fish in the sea! So where do you begin? Do you just dive in and hope for the best? Go through a trial and error period? Find reviews on every product you’re considering? Read every company’s history? You could indeed do all of these things, and some have, but it can be very time consuming and expensive. The truth is, that many of these health and wellness products have become popular because friends like to share good news with friends. If it has worked for my friend, then it’s worth a try.

The good news for you is that there is a local Geauga County resident who has done his home work on several digestive and respiratory products and has become a passionate believer in the use of these non-toxic, natural remedies whose active ingredients based on plant extracts (phytochemicals) or probiotic technologies versus chemical compounds.

Vict Peroni is the President and only U.S.affiliate of Hebron Pharmaceutical, a company based in Brazil that provides consumers with safe, natural alternatives to support their health and wellness and reduce reliance on chemical-based products which have serious known and published side effects. Hebron’s products are in most cases safe for the entire family. “My family uses all the products, and I have given them to many friends when needed,” says Vic.


Rurally Rooted, Globally Minded

Vic has lived in Geauga County for 10 years after moving here from Wickliffe where he grew up. He’s been married for almost 20 years and has four children in the Notre Dame schools. He and his family thoroughly enjoy the area and love being involved in the community. “I have coached youth sports for over 10 years which I consider my way of giving back,” he says. Vic also serves as Commissioner of the CYO football program at St. Mary’s of Chardon.

After graduating from Baldwin Wallace, he began his career as an accountant then transitioned into more operational roles at various types of companies, including Ganeden Biotech, a probiotics based firm, which ultimately led him to Hebron USA.

Like many people today, Vic is on a journey of health which has been largely due to his work at Hebron. “Over the past four years, my awareness of safe, natural products has certainly grown,” he shares. “I truly believe in the benefits of probiotics. There is strong clinical data that supports their benefits for both digestive and immune health. I had the opportunity to read many testimonies from people who use probiotics from Ganeden and now from Hebron’s line of products that we introduced to the US market.”

With the huge number of health and wellness distributors out there, why did Vic choose to partner with Hebron? “I was very impressed with the people I met from the Brazilian company and their technology. Additionally, having been at Ganeden for seven years and knowing the challenges we faced with our technology, then reviewing Hebron’s mission, their values, their products and scientific research, I became a believer and wanted to bring their great products to the U.S.”

The bulk product is manufactured at Hebron Pharmaceutical in Brazil which has been in business for over 20 years. “We import the products into the U.S. in bulk and package the inventory into the packaging for the U.S. company. We use a third-party warehouse in Walton Hills and procure all of our packaging components from Northeast Ohio based companies. I have always wanted to build a company that created jobs directly or indirectly in the Cleveland market and have chosen to stay in the Cleveland area despite opportunities to leave,” says Vic.

It’s always a pleasure to meet people who love their profession. Vic is one of those who has worked his way into something he thoroughly enjoys. “Being able to combine the passion I have for business with providing safe, natural products that support someone’s health and wellness, knowing the side effects are minimal as compared to traditional drugs or chemicals, is very rewarding. To be able to do it where I live is an added plus. The ultimate reward would be to create more jobs if we are blessed with growth and our products take off in the U.S. market.”

Digestive and Respiratory Wellness Products

Currently there are five products offered by Hebron, with more on the way. Several local Drug Marts and Walgreens now carry these: Bainbridge, Chesterland, and in Lake County, Mentor. You can also purchase them online at our website,,, and Be sure to check their coupon page to receive current discounts and promotions on products.

all natural products

Florax DS Ready to Drink Probiotic

Florax DS drink is a safe and natural liquid probiotic containing live cultures to restore healthy digestive microflora in your digestive tract. The ready-to-drink formula delivers active cultures that survive gastric transit and begin working immediately when they reach the small intestine. Relief from occasional diarrhea in as little as 4 hours is clinically proven. Periodic use improves digestive regularity and boosts overall immune health. Florax DS is ideal for everyone in the family one year old and up.

Florax DS Diarrhea Relief

Florax DS has been clinically proven to provide relief of occasional diarrhea within 4 hours. Florax DS is the only liquid probiotic on the market that delivers live probiotic cultures in an exclusively developed liquid suspension to the intestines in an active state. The active ingredient is a probiotic or nutritional yeast, commonly known as Brewers’ Yeast. Brewers’ Yeast has a long history of safe use and has been researched and studied for use as a probiotic.

The active ingredient in Florax DS is not harmed by antibiotics and helps to naturally support digestive health and keep your intestinal flora in balance. Comes in natural and raspberry flavors! Simply Shake it & Take it™!

Kios DS Heartburn and Indigestion Relief

Kios DS employs a natural extract from the bark of the Brazilian pepper tree to support the body’s natural response to inflammation or irritation of the stomach lining and naturally reduces acidity versus blocking acid production . This traditional Brazilian remedy provides natural relief of occasional heartburn, indigestion and stomach upsets without the use of chemicals and has no known side effects. Kios DS is not an acid reducer or a proton pump inhibitor (PPI).

all natural products

Bromelin DS Natural Respiratory Support

Bromelin DS uses an extract from the pulp of pineapples that contains the bromelain and other enzymes that are known to naturally thin and loosen mucus, providing natural relief and support of your respiratory and immune system.

Propolis DS Sore & Dry Throat Spray

Temporary relief of sore, irritated throats – Naturally!

Propolis DS is safe and natural source of temporary relief for sore, irritated throats. It employs a natural extract that is harvested from beehives and is a time-tested, traditional remedy with a long history of safe and effective use. Bee propolis is known to soothe and coat the throat when swallowed.

Propolis DS is clinically tested to provide temporary relief. Research indicates that propolis has many other health benefits when taken or used on a regular basis. Supports your sinus health, oral hygiene and immune system.

Propolis DS is a spray containing propolis extract, a natural ingredient harvested by honey bees to create an antiseptic hive. It has no known side effects, is chemical-free, vegetarian, and safe for adults and children.

“I have been using Propolis for a week and love it. I had a friend of mine try it and she is going to be purchasing some from the website using the coupon code. Also my husband has a cold and I took Bromelin home to him on Friday. He’s been using it all weekend and said it’s working well. He quit taking over the counter meds a few weeks ago for his cold because nothing was working for him. Having used the products now myself I am a big advocate for your business and talk about it to everyone.” ~ Rachel Hunziker

Now it’s your turn! If you’ve been on your own journey to health and are looking for a digestive or respiratory remedy, give one of these products a try.

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