Believe in Ohio Program Announces Professional Development Opportunities for  High School and Middle School Teachers for the 2021-2022 School Year 

Online STEM Professional Development Workshop Opportunities for STEM and Business/Economics teachers:  Believe in Ohio provides the program curriculum in a Google Classroom. These workshops will familiarize teachers with  the concepts of entrepreneurship and design-thinking ideation by engaging teachers in the very resources that they can  utilize with their students to develop a STEM business or commercialization plan. Through this process of engagement,  the workshop will provide instruction and activities to increase teachers’ conceptual knowledge of the entrepreneurial  mindset, design-thinking, and the relationship between STEM and innovation. There are two ways to earn Professional Development credit through the Believe in Ohio program: 

  1. Continuing Education Credit – 7 contact hours – FREE for High School and Middle School Teachers Click here to review the syllabus
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  1. College Credit through either Ashland University or Kent State University – For high school teachers, Believe in Ohio will reimburse the cost after they successfully complete the course. 
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Believe in Ohio is a multi-faceted program that helps develop student innovators. Believe in Ohio is a free and  comprehensive experiential-learning, entrepreneurship and innovation program for Ohio high school and middle school  students. The program includes the following program elements: 

Local High School Student STEM Plan Competitions and Awards: 

High school students have an opportunity to develop a STEM Commercialization Plan or a STEM Business Plan for entry  into a local high school competition. Believe in Ohio will provide from $300 to $2,500 in funding for high school student  competition awards. Participating teachers are also eligible to receive $300 to $500 in teacher support grants. 

Local Middle School Student STEM Plan Competitions and Awards: 

Middle School students also have an opportunity to develop a Middle School STEM Commercialization Plan or STEM  Business Plan for entry into a local middle school competition. Believe in Ohio will provide from $100 to $500 in middle  school student competition awards. Teachers are also eligible to receive $300 to $500 in teacher support grants. 

Qualifying High School STEM Plan Competitions and Scholarship Opportunities: 

High school STEM Plans that receive certain judged high scores in their local high school competitions may be invited to  participate in a second level qualifying competition which may qualify them to also compete in a state competition. Up 

to one hundred STEM plans will be entered into a State STEM Plan Competition, with each awarded a $1,000  scholarship to any Ohio college, university, post-secondary career center or vocational school. 

State STEM Plan Competition and Scholarship Opportunities: 

A potential third level of competition for high school students is the Believe in Ohio State STEM Plan Competition, which  will be held in June 2022. Up to one hundred STEM Plans may qualify for the State Competition at one of the Qualifying  Competitions and will compete for twenty-five $10,000 scholarships and twenty-five $5,000 scholarships to any Ohio  college, university post-secondary career centers or vocational school. 

Statewide STEM Innovation and Entrepreneurship Recognition Scholarship Program

All Ohio high school students, who are juniors or seniors during the 2021-2022 school year, and who meet the  qualifications, are also invited to apply for one of one hundred and thirty-two $1,000 Believe in Ohio STEM Innovation  and Entrepreneurship Recognition Scholarships. 

Extensive, Free Portfolio of Teacher and Student Curriculum Resources: 

Believe in Ohio provides an extensive, free curriculum and a comprehensive array of teacher and student program  support materials, instruction booklets, STEM Plan templates, and a Design Thinking / Ideation Mini-Course that can  help students develop their problem-solving skills. The curriculum includes more than fifty recommended and optional  videos and printed resources that are also available to participating STEM and Business/Economics teachers in their own  personalized Google Classrooms. 

Believe in Ohio STEM Advocate Support Network: 

Believe in Ohio has a network of regional STEM Advocates to help teachers implement the program, answer questions,  and provide support to participating teachers. Teachers, parents, and students who wish to know more about Believe in  Ohio are encouraged to visit the website at or contact the Believe in Ohio STEM Advocate in  their region of the state. 

Funded by the State of Ohio through the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the goal of the Believe in Ohio program  is to create a “Culture of Innovation” in Ohio high schools and middle schools, and to encourage students to continue  their educations and careers in Ohio by providing college scholarships to Ohio colleges and universities. It accomplishes  this by focusing on the practical application of STEM and related fields and the development of an entrepreneurial  mindset and critical thinking skills students will need in the future.  

Believe in Ohio’s personalized, student-centered learning experience allows students to explore their own areas of  interest and teaches them how to commercialize solutions to problems by developing a STEM Commercialization Plan or  STEM Business Plan. Believe in Ohio was collaboratively developed by The Ohio Academy of Science and Entrepreneurial  Engagement Ohio. The Believe in Ohio program is part of the Ohio High School STEM Innovation and Ohio College  Scholarship and Retention Program. 

About The Ohio Academy of Science: 

With more than 1,400 members and a network of thousands of supporters and volunteers, since 1891, The Ohio Academy of  Science has been promoting science and science education in Ohio as a membership based, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit  organization. In addition to its pre-college student programs (Regional and State Science Day science fairs, The Buckeye and  Engineering Fair, and Believe in Ohio) the Academy conducts an annual meeting which brings together scientists and students  from all disciplines across the state and publishes an international, multidisciplinary, scientific journal. 

About Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio: 

Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio (EEO) is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation formed for the educational and charitable  purpose of promoting student and community awareness as to the challenges and opportunities the changing regional,  national and global economies present for the future. It provides educational instruction, curriculum, and mentoring to help  develop the entrepreneurial, economic, business, and scientific literacy of students. 


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