Black Bears in Northeast Ohio

If you’ve wondered about Black Bears in Geauga County, here’s a talk you might just find fascinating.

On Tuesday, May 16th, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., visit Big Creek Park’s Donald W. Meyer Center to hear award-winning West Geauga High School science teacher Mike Sustin share what is known about the occurrence and habits of Black Bears in Northeast Ohio.

Once extirpated from Ohio, confirmed sightings of Black Bears have increased in the eastern half of our state.

Mike’s presentation, a collaboration with Blackbrook Audubon Society, will highlight the biology and ecology of these remarkably resilient animals – from life in the den to foraging behaviors to the management challenges facing Ohio’s population.

Mike has taught high school science for 26 years, the past 17 at his alma mater.

“I grew up in Russell Township and was thankfully led into the swamps and forests by my dad,” Mike said, reflecting on his excitement about the natural world. “My brothers and sister and I caught crawfish in the creek, painted ourselves with clay, and built forts with sticks and stones. I enjoy being ‘Crazy Uncle Mike’ for my nieces and nephew, who are also being raised in the woods and wetlands of Geauga County.”

Big Creek Park’s Meyer Center is wheelchair/stroller accessible. Registration is not required to attend. With questions, call 440-286-9516.

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