Blackbrook Audubon Presents Fascinating Feathered Features on October 16 at Big Creek Park

All are welcome to three “mini programs” about birds, presented by Blackbrook Audubon Society, during Fascinating Feathered Features on Tuesday, October 16th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Donald W. Meyer Center in Geauga Park District’s Big Creek Park.

Did you know that buying bird-friendly coffee is one of the best ways to do your part to preserve overwintering habitat for our neotropical migratory songbirds? During Coffee and Bird Conservation, we’ll watch a short video explaining why birders should use their coffee money to support critical winter habitat for summer songbirds such as Baltimore Orioles, Scarlet Tanagers and 17 species of warblers. Forty-two migratory songbird species commonly overwinter in heavily shaded coffee plantations – that’s seven times more diversity than in sun-grown coffee farms!

During Behind the Scenes in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Ornithology Department, we’ll hear from Courtney Brennan, collections manager, who will explain how she assists in the curation, care and maintenance of the museum’s 36,000 avian study skins, 4,000 eggs and nests, and 1,500 osteological specimens. Courtney also coordinates weekly volunteer specimen preparation sessions, which adds approximately 500 new ornithology specimens annually.

Finally, although Ann Bugeda may have retired as chief of interpretive services at Lake Metroparks, she is still hard at work with her Northern Saw-whet Owl project. Most Saw-whets nest in coniferous forests of the north and migrate south to overwinter in mixed or deciduous woods. During Ann’s Northern Saw-whet Owl Banding Update, we’ll hear news from her efforts, with other volunteers, putting up mist nets to catch, weigh, measure, band and release them as they are migrating south. Saw-whet migration had been poorly understood because of their nocturnal, reclusive behavior, but Project Owlnet, started in the 1990s, has been gathering information on their movements via a network of more than 100 owl migration banding sites.

Big Creek Park is located at 9160 Robinson Road in Chardon Township. Registration is not required to attend these presentations, which are free to attend and fully wheelchair/stroller accessible. Please call 440-286-9516 with questions.

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