Blossom Time Festival Review 2018

Did you go to the 2018 Blossom Time Festival? This year hot air balloons lit up, carnival rides spun and people of all ages gathered in Chagrin Falls to watch the Blossom Time Parade. In case you missed anything, check out this review of the Blossom Time Festival in Chagrin Falls, OH.

Blossom Time Festival Carnival Rides

Carnival rides were open all weekend and attracted many people. Popular rides included carousels, the “Super-Loop” and tilt-a-whirls. There was a section of rides specifically suited for children. Next year, be sure to spend some time at Triangle Park, and the carnival in the center of the Blossom Time Festival!

Food Vendors

Food carts and vendors lined the streets of Chagrin Falls, sending smells of delicious food wafting throughout the Blossom Time Carnival. From Italian to funnel cakes to corn dogs, you could find almost any type of food this year. Saturday, May 26th, was the “Taste of Chagrin” featuring over 20 food vendors in Triangle Park. If you’re a foodie, you’ll want to take a stroll through Chagrin at next year’s Blossom Time Festival!

Hot Air Balloon Launch

Unfortunately, the weather above Chagrin Falls High School was too windy for many of the hot air balloons to take off on Friday night. However, the crowd around the baseball field had the chance to watch a couple lucky hot air balloons fly off into the sky. Later, they had the chance to step into the baskets of the remaining balloons themselves!

Balloon Glow

On Thursday night, almost every family in the Geauga area gathered at Chagrin Falls High School to watch hot air balloons light up. As soon as the sun set, the balloons flew and flickered to the rhythm of popular, upbeat songs. Children loved the huge balloons and danced with the fun music. The warm summer night and dark sky were a perfect backdrop to this year’s balloon glow. ”Sky Berry,” a balloon colored like a strawberry, was a fan favorite. Other balloons included “The Ugliest Duckling,” “Scrappy,” “Diamond Girl,” “Heaven’s Rainbow” and “Slow Drip”

Blossom Time Run

At 9 a.m. on Sunday, May 27th, over 2000 runners braved the 5.25-mile Blossom Time Run. The mini-marathon ran through sun, shade and hilly suburbs of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Supporters lined the streets to cheer runners on and offer them water. Macklin Chaffee, coming all the way from Boulder, CO, won first place with a time of 28 minutes and 16 seconds. The Blossom Time Run is an event that brings the community together. See for yourself and register for next year’s race!

Blossom Time Parade

The Blossom Time Parade was definitely the main feature of the festival. Sunday afternoon, thousands of people got ready to watch more than two hours before the parade started!  Dozens of floats traveled from the high school to the center of Chagrin Falls. Highlights included a fairy tale float with princesses, a kindness-themed bus, the Ghostbusters and much more. It’s no wonder this parade is so popular!

Blossom Time Festival History

The Blossom Time Festival has a rich history. It’s inspired by the 1933 Centennial of Chagrin Falls. The original celebration included a parade, derby and contests. In 1935, the planting of crabapple blossom trees became part of the tradition. After a carnival was added, the Memorial Day weekend event was renamed“Chagrin Valley Week, when it’s blossom time in the valley.”

When The Jaycees of Chagrin were founded in 1954, they took over hosting the Memorial Day weekend festival, which then included rides. A run, walk and bike race were later added later. In 1989, The Blossom Time Balloon Festival was added, and still continues it to this day.

Join The Blossom Time Festival For A Celebration of Community

There’s always something fun to do at the annual Blossom TIme Festival in Chagrin Falls. The hot air balloon shows and carnival rides entertain both children and adults. Food vendors sell delicious treats. The parade is an exciting end to the week’s festivities.

Gather your friends and family and join in the fun next year! In the meantime, consider attending Enlighten Thyself: AHA!, a unique arts and humanities festival held in Cleveland June 7-9. Be sure to visit Geauga News for more community news stories and upcoming events!

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