Excellent Childcare from MC Studio and How To Win a Free Week of Classes

Are you looking for Geauga childcare that goes above and beyond? Take a look at MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center, located at 14595 Baird Street in Burton, OH. Children can attend MC Studio classes this summer and during the school year. Keep reading for more information about MC Studio, the staff and the 2018 Summer smARTs Camp.

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Encouraging Play and Learning

It’s easy to see the kids at MC Studio enjoy themselves. When you first arrive at the center, you immediately see groups of engaged children. They’re laughing on the playground, busy at art tables and learning alongside kids their age. The studio is completely open, ensuring children are comfortable moving around and can still be seen at all times.

The class structure at the studio is made to be flexible instead of rigid, too. Lessons are presented in an exciting and creative ways. “Half the time, the kids don’t even realize they’re learning because they’re too busy having fun,” remarks Miss Katie, a staff member at MC Studio.

The children learn numbers, shapes and the alphabet. They also experience art, dance, gymnastics and an introduction to sports. “We plant the seeds of all these things for the kids,” explains Carlene “Miss Car” Exline, the founder of MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center. “We want them to experience everything and find out what they love to do.”

The Story of MC Studio

What started on Main Street as an art gallery has grown beyond Miss Car’s wildest dreams. “My business was originally called ‘A Garden’s Way’. And it just keeps blossoming.”

Miss Car’s art gallery bloomed to include before-and-after-school programs for kids ages two and up. When it expanded into preschool with all-day child care, MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center was born. Currently, an infant care program is in the works.

Miss Car says she couldn’t make it happen without her devoted team. “The staff are dedicated, loving parents, high schoolers who grew up here, and all people who want to be here.” Carlene Exline knows each of them well enough to describe who they are and how they arrived at MC Studio. “There are no strangers here,” says Miss Car.

“I’m just really fortunate to have a job that I love, because it’s not a job. It’s my life.” — Carlene Exline, Owner & Founder, MC Studio

About the Staff

Perhaps the most exceptional element of MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center is the faculty. In addition to being trained childcare professionals, each staff member knows every child — down to their parents’ names and allergies. With over 100 kids walking through the door, it’s pretty amazing that all 11 employees personally remember these details.

The staff shows passion for encouraging the children to grow. “I love teaching them and just seeing their eyes light up,” says Miss Rachel. And she’s not the only one.

“You can actually see it, like a lightbulb, when they get a new concept down,” Miss Stephanie effused. “It’s amazing to watch every day.”

Miss Cailyn, Carlene Exline’s daughter and former student at  MC Studio, has her own inspirational story: “After getting a gymnastics scholarship to the University of Bridgeport, I tore my Achilles tendon. I had to move back home, and I ended up working here as a preschool teacher.

“In my first class, one of the students had a speech delay. She was told she would never be able to speak. Six months into our program, she was speaking and reading. It changed my life.

“The next semester I went to school to learn how to be a speech therapist,” says Miss Cailyn. “And I graduated this year.”

MC Studio Isn’t Just Daycare — and Parents See The Difference

The children who go to MC Studio certainly have no complaints, and neither do their parents. Miss Stephanie, a mother and staff member of the studio, registered her daughter for classes about two years ago.

“My daughter has social anxiety, and putting her in a daycare never worked. She would become anxious and crawl into her shell.” says Miss Stephanie. “But here, she thrives. She will actually talk to people now. She loves the staff here. She loves the gymnastics lessons, she loves the art lessons, she loves it all.”

Miss Rachel’s daughter also attends the studio, and she couldn’t agree more. “My daughter is constantly singing. That’s how she learns. The staff here works with that, singing with my daughter to help her understand new concepts.

“Every child is different, and they all have different ways of learning.” says Miss Rachel. “We embrace that here.”

Enroll in MC Studio Summer Arts Camp and Classes

Summer classes are enrolling now! Children always have tons of fun in these weekly summer camps. Each week has a different theme with different activities, like: Art & Nature Camp, Travel the World Week, Beach Week and much more.

Register your child for summer classes at MC Studio! Call (440) 834-8444 or contact MC Studio at misscarsgarden@me.com.

Enter to Win a Free Week of Classes at MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center this Summer! Click Here for More Details and Enter Now!

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