Bon Appetit for Grandparents


grandparentsWest Geauga Senior Center provides lunch for activity-filled program

Soon the table will be set for a picnic for doting grandparents and their most beloved young ones; kids excited to find a treasure, and grandparents excited to be enjoying time with their grandchildren in a beautiful setting.

The Grandparents Summer Picnic will take place on Thursday, August 9 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Orchard Hills Park Lodge located at 11340 Caves Road, Chester Township.

Treated to a delicious lunch provided by West Geauga Senior Center, families will enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities, with outdoor portions on a paved trail suitable for both wheelchairs and strollers. However, visitors are asked to bring a dessert or side dish to share with the group.

Naturalist Nora “the Explorer” Sindelar will fill this year’s picnic with activities including “Nature Bingo” – all the fun of the popular game with a nature twist, complete with prizes. Then with nets in hand, try catching the jumping, flying and climbing critters in the surrounding grasses!

“This is a great time for grandparents to enjoy their grandchildren without hearing ‘I’m bored’, ‘I’m hungry’, or ‘there’s nothing to do!'” Nora said. “The Park District will have you covered for at least the afternoon.”

Registration is required but free at 440-286-9516 or online


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