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Summer means family trips to the pool, trips to the golf course, road trips for vacations, camping, and outings of all kinds. It includes lots of extra time spent on the road and in the car. While you enjoy all the fun and opportunities summer has to offer, don’t forget to show a little extra appreciation for your car – without which most of those activities wouldn’t happen! Just as we enjoy cleaning up after a hard day of work or play, so does your car! Nathan’s Automotive Detailing is all about making that happen – wherever your car is parked. This company makes car care easy and convenient with their “We Come to You” motto.

Nathan's Automotive DetailingTheir fully equipped, bright yellow smiley trucks will come to your home, your workplace, the parking lot, or even the golf course if that is where you schedule your appointment. You can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands as your detailer pulls up in one of their beautiful mobile units, fully stocked with water, power, and the best equipment and supplies available to make it look like new. And it’s all done from start to finish by a crew committed to friendly smiles, just as their logo shows.

“We are committed to providing you with the highest level of quality and customer service. We want you to know that we are always happy to correct or improve any service we have provided. Whether it is a detail you feel needs more attention, or something that we may have missed, we are always happy to make it right! You are the reason that we are in business, and we want to insure that you will come back and tell others about us,” says Nathan who lives in Geauga County and has been detailing cars since he was 15.

Just a few minutes speaking with him will set your mind at ease. His enthusiasm and genuine interest in providing excellent care for your car exudes from him. Serving others is not just part of his business mindset either, it is an extension of his beliefs.

This Smile's for YOU!

“Nathan’s Automotive Detailing is founded and based firmly on the principles of Jesus Christ. I pray every day that my Lord’s love will shine through me and Nathan’s Automotive Detailing.”

You can expect each employee to operate by these standards, and you will be completely satisfied with the transformation your vehicle will undergo!

Nathan’s Automotive Detailing uses only the best and newest equipment available. High powered shop vacs and commercial box hot water extractors that heat to 190 degrees are used to clean all fabric. “We have the most trained, qualified, and precise hands available to pay close attention to every crevice and crack on your vehicle,” Nathan boasts of his crew. The Gem Orbital Buffer is used on every vehicle being waxed. It weighs 16 lbs. and orbitally moves at 1650 rpm making it the perfect speed to remove minor swirls as it heats the surface up just enough to apply the wax properly. Most cleaning products come from Detail King, not available in retail stores, and are tested for the highest quality.

Nathan’s Automotive Detailing has been in business for eight years and has many references available at your request. In fact, 90% of their new business comes from referrals from satisfied clients. “New referrals are so important to us, that we will give you up to $25 off toward your next complete detailing or $10 off toward any other service when you refer a friend,” shares Nathan.

Nathan's Automotive Detailing

Visit their website and check out all the detailing packages available to you from exterior, to interior, to full premium services. Maybe you need a one time interior cleaning to remove all those fun summer trips left over in your vehicle. Or perhaps you drove through road work and your poor car is coated in tar! Call Nathan’s Automotive Detailing! You can even schedule regular maintenance visits – always done AT YOUR CONVENIENCE in the place YOU choose with a SMILE!

Call and schedule an appointment at 440-476-3581 or visit the contact page and schedule online. Like them on Facebook!

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