Burton Elementary 6th Graders Visit Geauga County Airport

The sixth grade students at Burton Elementary enjoyed a trip to the Geauga County Airport on Thursday, September 19. While there, they did math, science, geography, and history—all without even knowing it! They saw propeller planes, several planes currently being built from kits and from the ground up, and they sat in a glider plane too!

Did you know there are different kinds of gliders such as German, Polish and American? Also, gliders were developed after WWI when pilots were not allowed to fly due to post-war agreements. They found a way around that with non-motorized gliders! Most gliders have a ratio for flight of about one mile high to about thirty miles long. (Uh-Oh! There’s some Math!)  They sure can stay up there a long time.

We also found out that for every 1,000 feet increase in elevation, there is a four degree temperature drop. The MedEvac helicopter was toured by students along with the living quarters and office where some of the staff stays 24 hours a day. This is also where they track weather and keep supplies. The students learned that the MedEvac helicopter can reach Cleveland in approximately 15 minutes.

At school, the students just finished a short unit with aviation (physics) where they worked in pairs to build a model plane. The control for this activity was to have the same two liter bottle fuselage (body) for their planes. Beyond that, they were encouraged to use whatever materials they thought best for the stabilizers (wings), elevators and rudders (flaps on the back wings), and then they needed to add trim (weight) to level the plane’s flight. Many modifications were made along the way with the end result being great-flying planes.

Small planes

The culminating treat was to have our final flight contest in a plane hangar where there was no wind or elements to disrupt the flights. Some planes went more than 40 feet, and others, while not flying as far, floated in the air longer. The planes proved to be quite durable. Congratulations, teams!

There were many wonderful people assisting with the students as they moved from exciting station to station. Many thanks go to Patty Fulop, Airport Manager, and Tim Randles from the Airport Authority Board for inviting us to visit them. Also was John Rowland, Airport Authority President, George Davis, and Bill Meyer, Airport Authority Board Members. The wonderful volunteers were Ralph Randles, Dave Rigotti, Brian King, Wayne Link, Leonard Ostrander, Bryce Kujat, Paul Yurick, and Mario Gerhart. Together, they made this trip a very memorable one for our students. Many want to become pilots now. Everyone had a wonderful time, and we look forward to future visits!

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