Cardinal Schools News – December 17, 2020


Three thermal imaging cameras are now up and running in all Cardinal school buildings.  The cameras were donated to the District from Parkman Township Trustees. The equipment is designed to take the temperatures of up to thirty people at once and then alert you if a temperature is over a set threshold. A monitor displays temperature readings over individuals as they pass through the area where equipment is set up. “The addition of these cameras in our buildings has been a time saver in the mornings,” says Superintendent Bill Kermavner. “The technology allows us to get our students inside quicker while still actively monitoring body temperatures for anyone who might be sick. We were seeing a backlog of students outside our buildings waiting to get in while we checked temperatures. On top of that being a safety concern, we are also entering the winter months where it’s cold and snowy. These cameras have been great at helping us speed the entry process along while still allowing us to ensure everyone’s health and safety.”

Parkman Township received Coronavirus Relief Act money and approached the District to see if there was any way they could help us during this pandemic time. In addition to the thermal imaging cameras, which are valued at over $10,000 each, Parkman Township also donated two portable sprayers to be used on busses, twenty gallons of sanitizing chemicals for the sprayers, and additional disinfecting wipes to be used in all buildings. We are grateful to Parkman Township for their support of our District and appreciate their partnership in helping to keep our families safe.

Students at Jordak Elementary School enter the building while having a thermal imaging camera take their temperature. The cameras monitor body temperature and alert staff if anyone has a fever.