Celebrate Stewardship Week with Geauga SWCD!

The Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) invites you to participate in Stewardship Week, April 25 – May 2, 2021.  Celebrated annually since 1955, the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) Stewardship Week is one of the largest national programs promoting conservation.  Each year Stewardship Week highlights an important natural resource topic and reminds us of the power of our individual yet collective contributions to conservation.  Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities is this year’s theme, emphasizing the countless, critical roles that trees and forests have throughout our communities and the planet.  Whether growing solo in our backyards or part of a much larger forest, trees are critical to providing clean air and water, healthy soil, shade, wildlife habitat, flood control, carbon sequestration, jobs, and valuable products we use each day.

Geauga SWCD advocates for natural resource management and helps connect residents to the natural resources (including trees and forests!) in their daily lives.  One example is the District’s annual tree sale, which offers residents affordable trees every spring and boosts the benefits of trees throughout Geauga County.  This year’s tree sale has distributed approximately 3,600 trees to be planted!  Geauga SWCD also provides educational opportunities to youth and adults, helps coordinate the Woodland Wednesdays landowner workshop series on many tree topics, offers annual Camp Canopy scholarships to high school students, sponsors an annual Big Tree Contest, and provides resources and services to assist landowners with timber harvests planning and protection.

Stewardship Week offers many opportunities to help promote and protect our forests, and everyone can start with the simple act of planting a tree!  Students are also invited to participate in Geauga SWCD’s Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Poster Contest and submit their entries by Friday, May 21st.  Visit geaugaswcd.com to learn more.  This year, let’s do something special during Stewardship Week and celebrate Geauga County’s TREE-mendous resources!


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