Chagrin Falls Middle School March Students of the Month

The mission of the Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month is to acknowledge and reward students for exemplary performance. The students depict Tiger Techniques: Think, Integrity, Grit, Effort and Responsibility. Each month, the seventh and eighth-grade teams collaborate and choose a male and female “Tiger of the Month” and the students receive personalized tiger water bottles from the PTO.  Students of the Month for March 2021 were Savannah Brent, Eric Nemunaitis, Emma Thatcher and Tys Hilbers.


Seventh-grader Savannah Brent adds such insight to class discussions. She is inclusive of her peers and always is very diligent in her assignments.  Savannah is creative with her ideas, both in the areas of reading and writing.  She thinks deeply about the text, shares her ideas well, and has such imaginative ideas when writing.   She is a joyful learner and an avid reader. Helpful to both students and teachers in our learning community. Savannah is the type of person who literally illuminates the hallway.  She is so pleasant and happy and always greets her peers and teachers.  She makes our school a better place with her positive attitude and friendly personality.


Seventh-grader Eric Nemunaitis is a conscientious and diligent student. He is a strong and quiet leader of his class. He leads by example with precise work that clearly helps us understand his point of view. He doesn’t do something just to get it done, he does everything to the best of his ability…which is usually 100% because he works until the skill is mastered. That is such a wonderful quality to have at such a young age.  Eric is one of the kindest boys I have in class this year. He is also super polite. Eric at times flies under the radar because he is so focused and friendly.  He is extremely caring and is a wonderful friend and listener.


Eighth-grader Emma Thatcher is a delight to have in class. She is extremely creative. She always goes above and beyond and never does the bare minimum.  Emma is eager to participate and adds great input to class discussions.  She is a leader by example and is always willing to help a classmate.  Emma is extremely thorough in her work and gives 100% effort at all times.  Emma is so conscientious. She works hard each day and strives to complete continued learning opportunities. In English class, she is always on top of her ELA Game! Emma is an amazing violinist in the eighth-grade orchestra. She goes above and beyond to make sure that she is prepared for rehearsals. She is a delight to have in class.


Eighth-grader Tys Hilbers always has a positive attitude. He is so fun to have in class.  His sense of humor and attitude is a gift to his teachers. He is a kind-hearted soul, is respectful, and has many cool interests. Tys keeps that positive energy through challenging class activities. He has made great gains as a student. He gladly receives feedback on assignments and is receptive to continually working to improve his overall learning.  Tys is a conscientious student who consistently strives to improve. He leads by example.  He is a gentleman and shows much maturity in his approach to school.  Tys has shown tremendous growth this year as a result of his diligence and focus.  He consistently works to improve in all areas and makes great decisions throughout the day.  His behavior in the classroom permeates to the lunchroom. Tys enjoys spending time with friends but respects and follows every rule without being asked.  Tys has grown so much as an artist. He is hardworking, creative and always thoughtful.

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