Chagrin Falls Middle School Teacher Publishes Article in Math Newsletter

Chagrin Falls Middle School Math Teacher, Geoff Brown, wrote an article about his students collaborating remotely using Google Docs and his piece was published in the CPM Educational Group newsletter.

CPM Educational Group is an educational non-profit organization that offers curriculum materials with problem-based lessons and collaborative student study teams, professional development programs for CPM and non-CPM teachers, and overall, more mathematics for more people.

In the article, Brown explains that when CFMS shifted to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 virus, he wanted to encourage students to continue working in groups through using Google Docs. The goal was to allow students to continue to construct viable arguments and critique each other’s work as they explored math lessons from CPM.

Brown copied the problem from the e-book he was using into a shared Google Doc among students. There, they could paste their answers into a row within the document and students could comment on each other’s conclusions. Some of the study teams in the class decided to work together at the same time to work through lessons and ask questions.

“This type of collaboration shows the potential of synchronous instruction, which our school has been planning to use in the fall,” said Brown. He is considering the advantages of this type of work, especially if classes will continue to be synchronous with some students at home and some in class. At the end of his article, he offered tips to other teachers on how he implemented this learning model.

The newsletter can be found here with Brown’s article on page 4 and 5. 

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