Chagrin Falls Schools Open with Welcomes, Genius and Tours

Chagrin Falls Schools Welcomes New Families

On Aug. 26 and 28, Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools hosted New Family Receptions for all the new school families. Superintendent Robert Hunt gave the opening remarks and introduced the administrators who discussed their role with the district. Afterwards, Board President Mary Kay O’Toole, along with PTO Welcoming Chairperson Meggan Morell and PTO President Laura Fricke spoke about the many wonderful reasons why these families selected the right community to live, work, and raise and family. Everyone enjoyed a morning of introductions, socializing, and coffee and donuts.

Chagrin Falls School

Chagrin Falls School

Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Becomes Jr. Google Consultant

Watch out Tom Hanks, there’s a new kid in town.

His name is Jackson Quinn, but unlike Hanks’ character in the classic movie, “Big,” he did not have to change size to gain his dream job. The Chagrin Falls Intermediate School sixth grader, 10, simply sent an email to Jaime Casap, Global Education Evangelist for Google.

“I would love to be Google’s junior consultant and I think the best way to learn about children and what they like is from a child’s perspective,” Jackson wrote.

He obtained Casap’s contact information this summer through Mike Daugherty, the district’s technology director. The district is rolling out the next step of its Chromebook program this fall, but Jackson has been using his Google Nexus for about six months and loves it.

“I know why technology gets on kids’ nerves sometimes and I would gladly help be a part of changing the technology to make it better,” said Jackson. The gifted student suggested he would be able to follow through on any projects or tasks Google would give him, citing his willingness to study and complete math coursework during the summer. He has also studied some coding and loves to play tennis.

Casap wrote back, “Your email was so great that I shared it with all the important people on the education team.” He asked Jackson to set up a time to meet with some of the team via Google Hangout, so they could ask him some questions about his experiences with Google tools and listen to some of his ideas, including suggestions for Doodle 4 Google. That first meeting took place at 4 p.m. on Aug. 19, the first day of school, in the Central Office. Google Education leaders from around the world were gathered in the Chicago Google office to meet with him and discuss ideas.

Next, Jackson will take part in another Google meeting in the near future, again by way of Hangout. He and his family have also been invited to attend the Google Leadership Symposium held on Oct. 24 and the Chromebook Institute Great Lakes held on Oct. 25-26 in Canton, Ohio. The Chromebook Institute is a two-day intensive conference focused on developing the capacities of school districts and their educators with the Google Ecosystem: Chromebooks, Google Tablets, Google Apps for Education, and all things Google. Jackson looks forward to meeting Jaime Casap in person as Casap will be a Keynote speaker.

For now, Jackson’s involvement with Google is on a voluntary consultant basis, but his future looks big indeed.

Jackson Quinn

Jackson Quinn in his first Google Hangout with Google Education leaders from around the world gathered in a Chicago office to discuss his ideas.

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Reminds Residents to Sign up for E-Communications

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools uses a variety of avenues to communicate to the district stakeholders. They encourage residents to sign up for e-communications by going to the district homepage.

In the lower right hand corner under Quick Links, there is an “E-Newsletter” icon to select. Residents can choose to receive updates from the district and/or individual buildings. Once a resident is registered, he/she also will receive the district’s new monthly digital magazine, Super News. The magazine can also be found on the district’s website.

“I encourage all residents, even those that do not have children in the district, to sign up to receive our Super News publication,” said Superintendent Robert Hunt. “It is an excellent way for everyone in our community to stay connected with the great accomplishments and happenings in our district.”

The district also has a Facebook page and most of the school administrators and principals have Twitter accounts.

Students from China Visit Chagrin Falls

Students from Huipu High School in China learned a little bit about American life when they visited Chagrin Falls High School this past August.

The first thing the 13 students and two chaperones did after arriving Aug. 21 was spend a little time shopping at Beachwood Place and Legacy Village. Afterward, they gathered at Chagrin Falls High School to meet their host families. The eventful day capped off with a welcoming cookout at in the High School Commons.

The next day the visitors toured the Chagrin Falls campus and took part in a regular school day, then dinner with their hosts. The remainder of the jam-packed agenda included a trip to the Great Lakes Science Center, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a cruise on the Good Time III, dinner at the Hard Rock Café, and an Indians game.

The visit followed a trip by Chagrin students June 18 – July 1 to Huipu High School in Taizhou, China. The trips are part of the district’s Bridge to the World program.

Huipu visit Chagrin Falls

Students from Huipu High School in China visited Chagrin Falls and enjoyed visiting and learning with students from Chagrin Falls High School.

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