Chardon Fireworks Set for SATURDAY Night, July 3RD at Chardon High School’s Memorial TRACK & Field – Donations Needed for this Terrific Event!!

Chardon, OH — The Chardon Area Fireworks Fund, Inc. has again set in motion its annual campaign to raise funds for the Chardon Area’s Independence Day Celebration. There was no show last year due to COVID 19 concerns. The Fund had to pay a $3000 cancellation fee last year. As a result donations for this year are desperately needed! We really want a GREAT show! Only YOU can make it happen!!!

To get the most “Bang for the Buck” C.A.F.F. has selected July 3rd, Saturday night (the BEST party night!) for the pyrotechnics (Fireworks go off at approx. 9:58:39:23 PM EDT)!

Due to COVID restrictions and roof constructions, CHS and CMS will not be available this year for the Alumni Association Memorabilia Exhibit. Music and limited concessions will be provided. Given the lack of a show last year, we anticipate a HUGE crowd this year and hope you make it!

Be aware Chardon Avenue is closed due to construction. Come early! Stay late!

Donations are really needed! Please help bring a BOOM and a BANG to the night!!!

Chardon Area Fireworks

P.O. Box 336

Chardon OH 44024


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