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Tiny Toppers Grow Green Thumbs

Tiny Toppers pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students at Maple School have been busy learning about plants and creating potted gardens in their classrooms.


During the week of April 12, teacher Beth Bumpus’ pre-Kindergarten students learned about the parts of a plant, the life cycle of a plant, and how plants grow.


“We drew pictures in our journals and then planted seeds,” said Miss Beth. “We also conducted an experiment to see what would happen if we placed one container on the window sill, one in our classroom, and one inside a cabinet.”


Mrs. Ridgeway’s Kindergarten class planted a variety of seeds in pots just before spring break.  By the week of April 12, students were already observing progress in their plantings.


Mrs. Ridgeway reports that her class is excited for the lima bean plants to sprout right before their eyes.

Coats of Arms and Catapults

Chardon Middle School seventh-grade students participate in cross-curricular Middle Ages-themed activities the week of April 5 — creating their own personality-reflecting coats of arms and applying STEM skills to make catapults with minimal materials.

Chardon Middle School seventh-grade students participated in cross-curricular activities the week of April 5 to culminate their social studies unit covering the Middle Ages in Europe.

“Using craft materials, each Hilltopper created a coat of arms that reflects their own personality just as noble families had in Europe during feudalism,” said social studies teacher Nikki Diehm.

In addition, through a STEM project developed and implemented by CMS science teacher Jackie Brown, students worked with partners in creating catapults with minimal supplies.

“With only popsicle sticks, a plastic spoon, and rubber bands to launch marshmallows, some groups sent the marshmallows an impressive distance of over 20 feet,” said Mrs. Diehm.


Gratitude for Geauga Public Health Department

Chardon Middle School Student Council and Kindness Club students dedicated time in their after-school meetings in March to create notes of gratitude for the Geauga Public Health Department’s phase 1b vaccination clinics that were conducted by GPH for Chardon Schools staff members earlier this year.

Chardon Middle School’s Student Council and Kindness Club students thoughtfully dedicated time during their respective after-school meetings in early March to create notes and posters of gratitude for the Geauga Public Health Department. The notes and posters expressed appreciation for the GPH phase 1b vaccination clinics conducted for the school district’s staff members in February and March.


Both in-person and virtual Student Council students had the opportunity to participate by making tangible and digital slide cards, respectively. Kindness Club students designed posters and hung them in time for GPH staff members to see at the March 6 vaccination clinic held in the school’s gymnasium.

April Topper Talk Features Video and Interviews

Just as students and staff returned to classes to kick off the fourth grading quarter on April 6 following spring break, the district released the latest edition of its Topper Talk electronic newsletter featuring a highlights video and in-depth interviews.

Through over 300 snapshots set to energizing music, the highlights video showcases many student achievements, spanning all grade levels, in academics, performing arts, visual arts, athletics and community service since the school year began in August.

Among the interviews featured in the Topper Talk newsletter are those of staff members Robyn Lannon, a second-grade teacher at Park Elementary; Sandy Beorn and Tammy Peine, both members of the district’s food service department; and Chris Baldwin, a Chardon High School alumnus who is currently serving as a building sub in the district.

The latest Topper Talk, as well as archived issues, can be found on the communications department page of the district website, which is accessible at Community members are welcome to subscribe to this free, monthly newsletter by contacting the district communications director, Kelly Misch, at

Chardon High School sophomore Skylar Spotz created this contemplative graphite drawing as one of her projects in teacher Erik Hauber’s Drawing I course, an elective offering in which self-expression, creativity, and communication of ideas are emphasized through a variety of projects.


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