Chardon Science Olympiad Teams Perform Well at State

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, the top forty schools from around Ohio gathered at Ohio State University to compete in the 2014 Science Olympiad State Finals. Chardon’s Science Olympiad Team Division B (6th-9th grades), placed 3rd overall, while the Division C team (9th-12th grade) placed 11th. Medals were handed out to those individuals placing in 1st to 6th in each event.

Those from Chardon awarded medals include:

Division B Team:

  • 1st place: Disease Detetective (Arman Bayat, Richie Wainio ); Solar System (Nick Schragal, Richie Wainio );
  • 2nd place: Meteorology (Heather Humbert, Nick Schragal ); Sounds of Music (Jason Tysl, Richie Wainio);
  • 3rd place: Experimental Design (Jason Tysl, Emily Stern, Drew Williams); Road Scholar (Nick Schragal, Alex Schragal,); Robo Cross (Alex Schragal, Drew Williams);
  • 4th place: Can’t Judge a Powder (Michael Tosti, Liam Kerry);
  • 5th place: Anatomy (Arman Bayat, Emily Stern); Write it Do it (Ben Brewster, Corrine McClintock);
  • 6th place: Rotor Egg Drop (Ben Brewster, Emily Muñoz); Crimebusters (Michael Tosti, Emily Stern); and Helicopters (Alex Schragal, Drew Williams). (JPG attached)

 Division B Chardon Middle School

Chardon Middle School
From left to right and back to front:
Nick Schragal, Richie Wainio, Michael Tosti, Arman Bayat, Asher Vokoun, Jason Tysl.
Emily Stern, Corrine McClintock, Ben Brewster, Owen Vokoun, Sara Conway, Sofie Zampino
Emily Muñoz, Liam Kerry, Domenic Mularo, Drew Williams, Alex Schragal.
Dr Anne Clouser (Head Coach), Heather Humbert, Olivia Stern, Reagan Halford

Division C Team

  • 3rd place: Anatomy (Jamie Tierney, Madison Brady); Entomology (Jamie Tierney, Madison Brady); Write it Do it (Melanie Cohn, Sarah Adams)
  • 4th place: Geo Mapping (Sarah Burgess, Zach Frank); Bungee Drop (Ben Yeary, Colby Williams). (JPG attached)

Division C Chardon High School

Pictured at the top of this article – From left to right and back to front:
Mychal Brady, Erin Conway, Melanie Cohn, Ryan Seabeck, Zach Frank, Jamie Tierney, Halle Crtalic, Danny Kirchner.
Sarah Adams, Erica McElroy, Sarah Burgess, Ben Yeary, Colby Williams, Bradley Caldwell, Parsa Bayat, Madison Brady.

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