Charlie’s Hairy Experience

What is the longest period of time you have gone without getting a haircut? Three months? Six months? A year? Anyone gone over 16 months?

I imagine some of you ladies would say yes to each of these time periods.

But what about you guys out there? How long have you gone?

Charlie didn’t cut a single hair for over 16 months, and it was grueling for this middle-aged, gray-haired employee at Geauga Door in Burton! Never before had he done such a thing. “I have a lot more respect for women with long hair now!” he says.

Charlie and his coworker Ron have both been on a mission these past many months to grow their hair out so they can donate it to organizations who will then either sell it to make wigs for children or use it for adults who have lost hair due to treatments for cancer.

It actually began with Ron. A couple of years ago while in the hospital for tests, he had to walk through the children’s ward. What he saw broke his heart as he encountered many children who had lost all their hair due to treatments for cancers of various types. Wanting to help in some way, he made the decision to grow his hair, also gray, which could be cut and sold and the money used to make wigs for these children.

Not long after, Charlie’s youngest grandson was discovered to have enlarged lymph nodes. Although we all know cancer is everywhere, and we all know people who have suffered as a result, it’s still something that happens to other people…until it strikes someone close to us or even ourselves. After tests, this little guy was found to be clear of cancer, but the scare was pretty severe. Enough to cause Charlie to join Ron in his efforts to get involved and do something to help.

Though 16 months is a long time and it was anything but pleasant, especially as the hot weather settled in on that thick, bushy layer of insulation resting atop of Charlie’s head, it was still a small sacrifice in comparison. But, finally, the day came when it had reached the minimum 10” length required for Locks of Love to accept it.

Kristen, an independent stylist whom Ron contacted, came to Geauga Door on May 20, scissors and shaver in hand! Stacey, Social Media Manager and Creative Designer at Geauga News, showed up as well with her own tool – a camera! She took a total of 85 pictures. Here you will see the amazing transformation from ‘bush baby’ to the re-emergence of the clean cut man! Note the smile!

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Ron is still struggling to reach that minimum length requirement, even though he began the hair growing before Charlie. Poor Ron….keep him in your thoughts. (smile)

Geauga Door has a wonderful family of employees. You can’t help but sense that when you walk into the office. Stop by and see Charlie – the new man – and give Ron a little encouragement while you’re there as well. And thank both of them for their commitment to help make the world a little better place for all.

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