Congratulations! Nature Writing Contest Winners to be Honored at Arts Festival on August 4

Congratulations to the following winners of our 24th Annual Nature Writing Contest! Read their winning works at the new under News & Updates, or come hear them read in person (and pick up a FREE winners’ chapbook) on Sunday, August 4th, at 3:00 p.m. during the 28th Annual Nature Arts Festival.

Adult Poetry
1st – Nancy Murphy, “Carousel”
2nd – Sarah Marcus-Donnelly, “Leave Your Skin on the Highway”
3rd – Cheryle Daling, “Tamer of the Suburbs”

Adult Prose
1st – Jacob Silvia, “Nature’s Prestidigitations” 
2nd – Halle Blados, “The Deal”
3rd – Kevin Louise Schaner, “Rebound”

Adolescent Poetry
1st – Samantha Kirschman, “two birds with one stone”
2nd – Lucy McNees, “Pink Umbrella and a Ladybug Coat”
3rd – John Ireson, “The Stump”
Honorable Mention – Andrew France, “Walking Through Woods on a Spring Evening”
Honorable Mention – Kaden Knake, “Breathe In”

Adolescent Prose
1st – Virginia R. Williams, “Ducks Really are Lucky”
2nd – Abby Colbow, “Skating in the Woods”
3rd – Nora Rock, “On an April Day”
Honorable Mention – Kyrah Porter, “Perspective Brings the Pixes”

Child Poetry
1st – Caleb Wright, “To Be A Flower”
2nd – Brady Wierzbicki, “Nature”
3rd – Emily Canonico, “Black-capped Chickadee”
Honorable Mention – Maya Taylor, “Flying”
Honorable Mention – Quinn Gajda, “Nature and How to Help It”

Child Prose
1st – Mikey Benesh, “Spring is coming”
2nd – Hallie Benesh, “Crazy Nature”
3rd – Caroline Yeager, “The Inspiring Wonders of Nature”
Honorable Mention – Haleigha Sheline, “Nature’s Beauty”
Honorable Mention – Rebecca Wright, “Four Brave Friends”

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