Ditch the Screens and Head to the Streams! Geauga SWCD Offers Summer Stream Quality Monitoring

Interested in exploring Geauga County streams and learning about their water chemistry and biology this summer?

What about investigating water quality by searching for aquatic critters such as crayfish, dragonflies, water pennies, and caddisflies which live in our local streams?

Then grab your water shoes and join the Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District’s Millennium Youth Conservationists (MYC) team!

In collaboration with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Scenic Rivers Program we use kick seines, sediment sticks, water chemistry test kits, and more to analyze the health of area streams and rivers while collecting official stream data.  All ages are welcome.  Join us for one outing or for all.  MYC is free and only twice a month.

For more information contact Colleen Sharp with the Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District at 440-834-1122 ext. 1766 or csharp@geauga.oh.gov.


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