Even a Rainy Day Can’t Spoil a Picnic Created by Cater 4 U!

Looking for a special way to show the people in your life that you love them and appreciate all they do for you? Look no further than JoAnn Kauffman at Cater 4 U in Middlefield, Ohio. JoAnn goes out of her way to make each and every customer’s experience her number one priority. I found out firsthand what JoAnn has to offer.

Recently I wanted to treat my husband Duane to a special picnic lunch as he works very hard at his job and at providing for us, and because I love him. I had recently won a picnic lunch gift certificate from Cater 4 U at the Geauga Tourism Self-Guided Spring Tour. I figured what better way to find out more about this business than to try them for this special picnic with Duane. I also figured it would be a great opportunity to write an article for Geauga News and inform others how it went; a win, win situation.

Gift Certificate

I called JoAnn and told her I had won the picnic lunch and what I had planned for my husband, and she informed me that I needed to do nothing except bring our own beverage, then show up on the day and time I requested. She would handle the rest.

The day finally arrived and it was a wet one, but no worries. I had already made the choice to take my husband to the place where we had our first picnic together as a couple, and where we have made many returning picnics with our children, the Geauga Park District’s pavilion at Swine Creek Park, in Middlefield, Ohio. I had informed my husband that I had planned a picnic lunch for just the two of us. He had no idea where we were going or what we would be eating.


Since he saw me preparing nothing at home, he seemed quite concerned. I told him to trust me; I had it covered. I remember thinking at that brief moment in time, I really didn’t, but I sure hoped JoAnn did!

We arrived at JoAnn’s home located at 15234 Lake Street in Middlefield where I quickly headed inside to go over what she had packed for us and talk with JoAnn about what she offered the public in general. She is a full service caterer serving all homemade foods from her kitchen with a variety of entrees, accompaniments, salads, and desserts, along with a luncheon menu that offers sandwiches, salad options, and desserts. There are appetizers galore; everything from meatballs, tortilla pinwheels, cheese balls with assorted crackers, to fresh mini fruit skewers – seasonal fruit, of course. Desserts are all homemade from cupcakes to specialty pastries.

I was amazed at the variety and the affordable pricing. I asked about tea parties and birthday parties and found out JoAnn loves to throw parties. There is a quaint room on the back side of her home that she uses for such a special occasion. Cater 4 U really thinks of the customer first and how they can accommodate your needs. I was so impressed!

Now it was time for JoAnn to go over what she packed for Duane and me. JoAnn really did take control and think of everything; literally everything. We had a tablecloth, napkins, plates, condiments, homemade chicken salad, a variety of homemade breads and rolls, pasta salad with fresh vegetables in Italian dressing, fresh fruit salad, and homemade desserts including cream cheese brownie bites, blackberry puff pastry and homemade cheesecake with blackberry topping. Everything was tied up in a bow along with a special written note from JoAnn herself. It took my breath away, and I could not wait to share this with Duane.

picnic lunch

Picnic lunch

We arrived at Swine Creek, food and umbrella in hand, and made our way to the driest table available. I unpacked the bags, set everything out, and then we both just sort of sat there looking at it in total amazement. No one had ever created such a spectacular picnic for us with such beautiful homemade foods. We both felt very blessed to be able to share that day together. We finally did open the containers and placed everything onto our plates, said a prayer, and enjoyed each and every bite we took. To say it was delicious seems like such an understatement; delectable would be a better word. The rain continued while we dined with it finally letting up about the time we were ready to leave. We took a short stroll together, packed up the car, and headed for home, extremely satisfied.

Swine Creek

I could never thank JoAnn at Cater 4 U enough for that memorable day; but I can share and pass along to you what a great experience we had.

I highly suggest you check this local caterer out and let JoAnn know what your needs are for your next catering event whether it is for a huge gathering or just an intimate party of two. JoAnn will get the job done right with a touch of elegance and style added in.

As for my thoughts, if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you, JoAnn, at Cater 4 U for our memorable rainy day picnic!

Cater 4 U is a full service caterer, located at: 15234 Lake Ave. Middlefield, Ohio. For details call JoAnn Kauffman at: 440-632-1375 or 440-321-0018.

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