Falling Leaves and Warm Reflections

Fallen leafFlutter, flip, flop, and float. Down from tree tops come the gold and orange, yellow and red, crimson and bronze leaves falling all around. It’s autumn in Geauga County, and another magical season is just beginning. After one or two cold snaps, the leaves on the maples, the oaks, and the beech trees finally give in, give up, let go, and drop – fluttering down to create a thick soft blanket on the forest floor in front of me. Walking through the forest at Swine Creek Park brings back memories of my childhood and happy days gone past. The wind is rustling through the branches, shaking the small limbs, making that quiet whispering noise that builds to a quiet hum that’s almost like a river flowing by hundreds of yards away.

Magnolia tree in bloomI like the fall because it always makes me turn back to look at the summer past. I see the spring flowers, I feel the summer breeze kissing my face in the middle of July, and I hear the bustle and joy of the fair as the summer slips into September. It’s sweet and beautiful; every moment, every memory, every breath I took and remembered. I love to cherish the past and look forward to the future.

Make the Most of Every Moment

I write about it a lot, but it never seems to leave me, so I’ll share it once again. Right now you’re sitting here feeling the same warmth and love I’ve felt and lived through this past summer. Why do I feel like this? I think the real reason I stop and pause is because I know that this could be my last summer with the friends and family that I hold so dear. We just never know. I guess that over time I’ve seen too many opportunities pass by unused where I could have said what I really felt, or taken the time to stop and help someone that really means a lot to me.

I like looking back at this summer and feeling no regret. In decades past, I couldn’t have said that. I lived too fast, and didn’t stop to love and care for those who mattered to me the most. This year was different. I worked hard, played harder, and loved with all my heart. The simple difference is that I decided to take time for those that I love everyday. Sometimes a simple decision is all that it takes to get things moving. Then all you have to do is stick with it. Stay committed to your mission. Show those around you how much you care. Take the time that you need to focus in on those that you love. Take the time to take care of yourself so you have something to give back. It’s worth it to live a life with less regrets.

Finally, forgive yourself. You’ll never get it right all the time. You’re gonna fail, you’re gonna hurt someone accidentally sometimes. Just ask for forgiveness. Start again. You never know how one hurt forgiven could turn into the greatest treasure of your life. Whatever you do, get out there and live your life with all you’ve got. You won’t regret it in the end.

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