For Zero Dollars You Can Market Your Business Every Day!

“Do not ever forget that you are in the business of solving problems.” I heard one of my podcasters say this the other day, and it has really stuck with me. The more I think about that, I really believe that the statement can apply to almost every single product and service out there.

My job at tEkk3 is to solve people’s problems, and it is something that I absolutely love doing. With the passion for learning that I have, it’s thrilling for me when I can pull out a new piece of knowledge that I’ve found and apply it to someone’s problem. I am constantly keeping my ears open for new ways that people can market their businesses, improve their sales pitches, and reach more prospects and customers. One of the challenges that businesses face is how to afford more marketing. It doesn’t matter if you are a young startup or an established business that’s been around for years. Either way, you may be in a season where the marketing dollars are tight. So today, if that’s your problem, I am going to help you solve it. Ready?

1. Gather Existing Resources

In order to achieve more effective marketing on the zero dollar budget you have right now, you’ll need to review the current resources you do have. So ask yourself these five questions:

1. Can you and other people on your team spare 15 minutes a day? Maybe you can skip a break, or shorten lunch. Show up earlier or just think about and find excess time that you’re already paying for and you can afford to invest in marketing.

2. Do you have any super fans? If you have partner vendors, clients, or family and friends that love you, then you need to be ready to ask for their help. You’ll be surprised at how happy most will be to help you.

3. Can you trade something of value? If you’ve never considered bartering for services, then you may want to consider it now. While I don’t recommend that you do this frequently, the right type of trade, or partial trade, can really help.

4. How many contacts do you have? It’s very important to collect the contact information of every partner, prospective client, and competitor that you run into. You and your whole team should be doing this religiously. It will pay off for you in the long run. I have thousands of contacts, and it serves me well every single day.

5. What inside information do you have? Inside your industry, it may be common knowledge, but outside your industry, or for first time customers, this might not be available. Think about what experience you have that could be worth a lot on the outside.

2. Step Back and Change Your Attitude

Most marketing failures come from poor attitudes in the management and staff of companies. When I see a company that is not growing and not being marketed properly, 90% of the time it is because the leaders of the company do not properly value marketing. If you’ve ignored this segment of your business for any reason beforehand, now is the time to adjust it.

Even if you’ve had a good outlook on marketing overall, you may not have dedicated the right kind of daily attitude and daily actions to it. I’m going to be honest with you. There is a good chance that you’re reading this right now because you haven’t ever dedicated any money to marketing, either in the past or in the current season your business is in. While I can help you step forward and market without spending money today, you do need to take a serious look at your plans going forward. You need to open your mind to the fact that you need to invest wisely in long term sustainable marketing.

Just because something didn’t work well in the past, or you got burned with a bad marketing program, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t market. So starting today, commit to changing your attitude about marketing, and making it a part of your personal beliefs and your company’s culture. Changing your attitude is one of the very first steps toward success.

3. Take Action

I’m about to share with you the steps that you need to market your business every single day for zero dollars. Before I give you the tools to do that, you MUST be ready to take action! These are tactics that you don’t have to pay for. You can accomplish them with the resources you already have, but they won’t work unless you take action on them.

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