Frank Fende Shares His Work with the GANG

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, photographer/painter Frank Fende will talk about his influences and techniques as an artist at the monthly GANG (Geauga Arts Network Group) program. This educational program, which is free and open to the general public, will take place from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Heinen’s Cafe, 402 Center Street in Chardon, Ohio. No reservations are necessary.

Fende, who has made his home in Chesterland, Ohio for nearly 40 years, began seriously pursuing his love of art in 1992, when he took a watercolor class at the Valley Art Center. Although his favorite medium is watercolor, he has experimented in a number of media, taking drawing and painting workshops to perfect his craft.

He started experimenting with photography after purchasing a 35mm camera to capture images he could later recreate as paintings. With the advent of digital photography, and the instant gratification it provided, Fende began using photographic images to express his artistic vision. Fende’s photographic work recently won first place at the Geauga Council for Art and Culture’s (GCAC) annual show.

The GANG program on Sept. 15 will explore both Fende’s paintings and his photographic work. The Geauga Arts Network Group is an ad hoc group whose mission is to promote communication, collaboration, and cooperation across artistic disciplines for artists living and/or working in Geauga County. For further information, contact Joanne Durante at 440-729-6481.

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