Free Fitness Classes Offered in Burton

Burton Fit Club started in October 2013 by Nadina Iadimarco, a lifetime resident of Geauga County.

Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday night starting at 6 pm at the Burton Fire Hall located at 13828 Spring Street in Burton. There are usually 10 – 15 participants at each class.

The classes range from 30-50 minutes long and participants are encouraged to bring their children along. The purpose of that is to create a no excuses environment where the class is free and you don’t need a babysitter to come. The kids participate or play off to the side for the short class duration.

The programs Nadina provides at Burton Fit Club include Focus T25, TurboFire, Insanity Asylum, 21 day Fix, P90X3, and Combat.

All classes are modifiable and appropriate for all fitness levels.

“We have a well-rounded mix of Cardio and light weights to get strength training in as well. And coming soon is the newest program called PiYO. I am there to instruct on modified moves, to guide challengers on proper form and encourage them to push themselves harder then they knew they could. The results are speaking for themselves. I have challengers who are down 10-25 pounds from my class and Shakeology alone. They are able to work out harder, run faster, play longer, and enjoy a quality of life that some have not seen in many years,” says Nadina.

Nadina explains to her challengers “You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got!”

Within a few months of starting Burton Fit Club, Nadina built a team of coaches who also offer free classes. Stefanie Scarvelli*, who runs a fit club at the Munson Town Hall (12210 Auburn Rd in Chardon), and Kellie Slusher, who offers Saturday morning classes at Maple View Church on Burton-Windsor Rd.

As a  a mom of 3 and PiYo certified Beachbody coach, Stefanie loves being a part of helping others transform their lives through healthy eating and working out! “I have helped many challengers reach their fitness goals in my Free private online support groups as well! Working out is a passion of mine and I wanted everyone to be able to have that opportunity to do so,” says Stefanie.

You can connect with Nadina to learn more about how you can get involved in her free programs.


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*See below for more information on Stefanie’s class in Chardon:

Since the days of her classes may fluctuate due to availability of the room you may go to her Facebook group to keep updated on the class schedule, visit here website, or via email at

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