GCPL changes “Outreach” Department to “Mobile Services”

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The Geauga County Public Library Board recently approved a recommendation to change the “Outreach” Department to “Mobile Services.”

GCPL added a new lobbystop vehicle in the fall, and is in the process of adding another full-size Bookmobile to its current scheduling. The new Bookmobile is expected to be ready for deliveries by the summer of 2016. The expanded Mobile Services Department is growing to accommodate the needs of a wider population including everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens.

The new lobby-stop vehicle is now serving the adult population while the traditional Bookmobile serves the Amish as well as preschools, daycare centers and other community locations.

Deliveries to the Amish, preschools, the senior center, nursing homes and other public venues remain important to Geauga County Public Library. “We strive to serve the population wherever and whenever it is best for them,” says Director Ed Worso. “Although we are proud of our facilities and welcome everyone into them, we also want to make it convenient for people who have mobility challenges to have access to books, movies, music and all the resources that their library offers.”

The term “Mobile Services” includes “Outreach” under its umbrella. As more vehicles are added to the Mobile Services fleet, they will be able to focus on specific demographics. The new lobby-stop vehicle, for example, serves adults and stops at nursing homes, senior centers and other community sites.

Geauga County has an aging population, and it is not always feasible for seniors to get to their local libraries to check out reading, viewing and listening materials. Serving seniors in a way that is convenient for them is a constant goal.

Leah Schmidt, Head of Mobile Services, has been with GCPL since July 2014. She is excited about the expansion of her department. “Whether we’re at Metzenbaum, Chagrin Falls Park, Notre Dame or an Amish road, we want to get the best materials in the hands of the people who want them,” she says. “We have a fantastic collection and services. If people can’t come to our buildings, we want to get out to meet them wherever they are.”

Find the Bookmobile schedule online by clicking here.

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