Geauga County Public Library Introduces Hoopla™

Geauga County Public Library (GCPL) is excited to announce the public availability of thousands of movies, television shows, music albums and audiobooks, all available for mobile and online access through a new partnership with hoopla digital. All patrons need is a valid library card.

GCPL card holders may download the free hoopla digital mobile app on their Android or IOS device or visit this website to begin enjoying thousands of titles – from major Hollywood studios, record companies and publishers – available to borrow for instant streaming or temporary downloading to their smartphones, tablets and computers. Patrons are able to borrow up to six hoopla selections per month with their GCPL cards.

Movies and television shows are available on patrons’ devices for three days after check out. Music is available for seven days. Audiobooks are available 21 days.

Hoopla digital’s interface and sign-up process are simple to navigate, so it’s easy to get to the collection of listening and viewing materials. There’s also no waiting to borrow popular movies, TV shows, albums or audiobooks. And hoopla digital’s automatic return feature eliminates late fees.

To access the system on a mobile device, patrons need to visit this website or download the free hoopla digital app from the App Store on an Android or IOS device. Simply select ‘Sign Up’ to get started. There is no need to download an app or extension for your internet browser.

GCPL hopes you enjoy this new service and encourages you to share your experience on our Facebook and Twitter  pages.

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