Geauga County Public Library Rated One of Best Libraries in Nation

The Geauga County Public Library (GCPL), for the first time in its history, received national recognition by being named a Four-Star Library in the 2020 Library Journal Index of Public Library Service.

Of the 5,608 U.S. public libraries included in the Index, Library Journal awarded three-star, four-star, and five-star ratings to just 262 libraries. Library Journal placed Geauga County Public Library in the 96th percentile of all the libraries that it indexed.

The Library Journal Index ranks libraries based on per-capita service data, and this year’s Index is based on information from 2018. To ensure that the comparisons it makes are fair, Library Journal awards Star Ratings in categories that group libraries based on their annual spending. Geauga County Public Library received the 15th best index score within its category.

By using per-capita library usage data, Library Journal’s Index compares demand for library services among residents of thousands of library districts across the country. Some highlights from the Index include:

  • Geauga County residents borrow physical circulation items at a rate that is nearly five times the national average.
  • Geauga County residents borrow electronic circulation items at a rate that is nearly three and a half times the national average.
  • Geauga County residents visit a library branch and attend a library program or event at rates that are roughly 50 percent higher than the national average.

“Geauga County residents use our services at higher rates than the residents of the vast majority of the library districts in the Index. And for that we offer a hearty thank you,” said GCPL Director Ed Worso. “But, most of all, our Four-Star Award is a well-earned testament to the dedication, care, and hard work of each and every member of our staff. They serve our community tirelessly and for most of 2020 have gone above and beyond in the face of the very difficult circumstances of COVID-19.”