Geauga County Public Library Volunteers Win Award

The Geauga County Retired Teachers Association has received the 2013 With Our Youth! Award from the National Retired Teachers Association’s AARP Educator Community. Jean Paine, co-president of the Geagua County chapter, submitted the nomination based on the outstanding volunteer efforts of four of its members:

  • Judy Carruthers
  •  Ann Lyman
  • Mary Jean Moreno
  • Pat Weyandt

The winners received a little red wagon, the award symbol, to acknowledge their commitment to helping youth in their community. These ladies spent thousands of hours labeling early reader books by difficulty level in all Geauga County Public Library (GCPL) locations. These efforts have helped countless parents make appropriate reading-level selections for their children, enabling our youngest readers to have success learning to read.

In addition to the labeling project, the teachers “went back to school” and visited kindergarten classrooms, reading a story to children and giving them certificates to visit their libraries and view the labeled books. As an incentive, the children received a “read to me” teddy bear and early-reader book while in the library.

Never resting, these ladies roll up their sleeves and pitch in on various projects at all locations whenever needed. They have put together “Babies First Book” kits given to new moms at the UH Geauga Medical Center and Middlefield Birthing Center, have assisted with processing new books, put together summer reading club kits and just helped whenever needed. They have never said no when asked to help the library and its patrons.

“As former teachers who were dedicated to the profession, we enjoy continuing to make an impact on giving children an opportunity to read and learn,” says Jean Paine. “We are happy help support our community. We are committed to early literacy and giving back to our community,” she says. “It’s an honor to accept this award.”

Their efforts were well recognized before their national acclaim as Mrs. Carruthers, Mrs. Lyman, Mrs. Moreno, and Mrs. Weyandt are recipients of the 2012 prestigious Geauga County Library Foundation Chapman Award.

About the Geauga County Public Library

The Geauga County Public Library includes four full-service community libraries in Bainbridge, Chardon,

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