Geauga Growth Partnership – Continuous Improvement Zoom Webinar on June 18th

Continuous Improvement

June 18, 2021
7:30am-8:30am, via Zoom
What is keeping you up at night? Is it communication gaps at work? Employee onboarding disconnects? A kink in the process between taking raw material and getting the product out to the customer?
Scott Maruna is offering a focus group for you to address these issues head on.
1)    Learn tools and methods to use at your workplace
2)    Implement the tools and methods!
3)    Return to the focus group for discussion, lessons learned, continued growth.
Sessions will be no more than 1 hour, all via zoom unless in person meetings are requested.
Join Geauga Growth Partnership on June 18 to learn more including schedule, pre/post work, and identify what challenge at work you want to address.
Register HERE.

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