Geauga Park District Goes Spacey

Observatory Park is this year’s county fair building focus

Amidst the endless sights and sounds of the Great Geauga County Fair, don’t forget to “scout out” Geauga Park District and learn some ways you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round. The Geauga Park District will be at The Great Geauga County Fair from Thursday, August 30, through Monday, September 3 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Natural Resources Area.

Telescope and the Night SkySince 1996, the Park District’s open wood building has given fairgoers a taste of what their local parks have to offer. This year’s interactive displays showcase Ohio’s only designated International Dark Sky Park, the new Observatory Park in Montville Township.

  • Step in from the hot summer sun to a virtual starlit nighttime!
  • Get an eyeful of Observatory Park’s unique features by picturing yourself there via the oversized photo gallery.
  • Feel the rumble of a mechanical earthquake as you glean information about Observatory Park’s Seismic Station and our area’s real seismic movement.
  • Use a smart phone to scan a QR code and follow it to live data from Observatory Park’s Weather Station.
  • Do you know the difference between an asteroid, meteoroid, and meteorite? Learn it here.
  • Read about the Mars rover Curiosity and what information it will bring back to Earth.
  • Solve a self-led scavenger hunt for the chance to win an Orion Sky Scanner 100 tabletop telescope or a pair of Bushnell binoculars (just like our fifth-grade Nature Scope-ers use!).
  • Stand on the compass rose to learn which direction Monarchs and birds fly south each winter.
  • Visit other Natural Resource Area displays around the lake by following a miniature Planetary Trail, replicating the real mile-long one in Montville Township.

Friendly staff members and volunteers will always be available to answer questions about park exploration, programs, and policy. Those interested in getting out to the parks themselves can also find maps and ‘Scout Out Your Parks” trackers in the building.

“Scout Out Your Parks is a really fun family activity,” said Special Events Coordinator Teresa Runion. “Even working here, this has been a really good incentive for me to bring my family out and visit some of the parks I don’t normally get to.”

Geauga Park District is online, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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