GGP 2013 Summer Internship Program Concludes & 2014 Program Dates

The Geauga Growth Partnership announced the successful completion of its 2013 program of paid summer internships for Geauga County high school juniors and seniors. Seventeen seniors and six juniors participated from seven high schools: Chardon (8 interns), West Geauga (7), NDCL (3), Berkshire (2), and Newbury, Cardinal and Kenston (1 each). These 23 students were placed with nineteen Geauga County employers.

Interns and sponsoring employers were honored at the GGP’s Intern Recognition Reception on August 6, at the West Woods Center of the Geauga Park District. Over 80 interns, family members, and sponsor representatives attended this annual event. In a message to the attendees, GGP Internship Task Force Chair Lee Imhof thanked the sponsoring companies, the interns, and the intern parents. Referring to the parents, Imhof said, “You have raised some terrific kids of whom we are all very proud.”

Key dates for the 2014 program:

First week in October: materials available through high school guidance counselors and on-line at the GGP website.

January 31, 2014: Application deadline.

The program is open to any high school junior or senior Geauga County resident and to Geauga County home-schooled students at the junior or senior level.

Geauga Growth Partnership, Inc. is a business-led organization dedicated to the retention, growth and attraction of jobs, investment and economic growth in Geauga County.

2013 Interns and Sponsors

Logan Cala (Cardinal)
Sheoga Hardwood Flooring, Barbara Titus

Haley Calkins (West Geauga)
NMS Certified Public Accountants, Shawn Neece

Joe Cermak (NDCL)
Exscape Designs, Bill Dysert

Justin Doll (West Geauga)
Troy Innovative, Dan McLeod

Kayli Doll (West Geauga)
Bonitas International, Jenny Mann

Lilly Faulk (West Geauga)
The Ohio Valley Group, Kathleen Dangelo

Chad Holl (Chardon)
Troy Chemical Industries, Lee Imhof

Reece Holl (Chardon)
ASM International, Afina Lupilescu

Sam Keiper (West Geauga)
Geauga County, Matthew Granito

Ben Kinney (Kenston)
Arms Trucking, Howard Bates

Eric Knapik (NDCL)
Geauga Growth Partnership, Frank Samuel

Cameron Macaskill (Chardon)
Company 119, Christian Klien

Maddy McCluskey (Chardon)
Geauga Growth Partnership, Leslie Bednar

Jessi Mysyk (Chardon)
Bonitas International, Dawn Skidmore

Kristen Novotney (Chardon)
United Way Services of Geauga County, Kimm Leininger

Emily Pestello (Chardon)
Etna Products, John Steigerwald

RJ Pikus (Chardon)
Exscape Designs, Bill Dysert

Ronald Simpson (Berkshire)
Geauga County, Glen Vernick

Tom Somarack (NDCL)
Geauga Park District, Robin Pilarczyk

Hannah Tolman (West Geauga)
Great Lakes Cheese Co., Stacey Barbe

John Tripodo (West Geauga)
Village of Burton, Chris Paquette

John Vinecourt (Berkshire)
Universal Disposal, Ryan Davis

Kelsey Zimperman (Newbury)
Fairmount Minerals, Ken Przybyla

Left to Right: Maddy McCluskey (Chardon), Geauga Growth Partnership Intern; Stacey Barbe, Great Lakes Cheese; Frank Samuel, Geauga Growth Partnership President
Left to Right: Maddy McCluskey (Chardon), Geauga Growth Partnership Intern; Robin Pilarczyk, Geauga Park District; Frank Samuel, Geauga Growth Partnership President; Tom Somrack (NDCL), Geauga Park District Intern
Left to Right: John Steigerwald, Etna Products; Frank Samuel, Geauga Growth Partnership President; Emily Pestello (Chardon), Etna Products Intern
Left to Right: Frank Samuel, Geauga Growth Partnership President; Ben Kinney (Kenston), Arms Trucking Intern


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