Gurney Elementary School Students in Chagrin Falls, Ohio Create Courage Hotline for Community

Kindergartners at Gurney Elementary School in Chagrin Falls, Ohio recorded a courage hotline with various messages to bring courage to the callers. The hotline number is (440) 247-4791.

The hotline message begins with “Thank you for calling the Kindergarten Courage Hotline. Everybody needs some courage once in a while. You’re not alone. We have learned a lot about courage this year and we want to share some advice with you.”

The students recorded four different options for those seeking out courage. Once a number is selected, the students speak several different messages of encouragement and kind words.

  • If you need to hear to hear about having the courage to say goodbye, please press 1

  • If you need to hear about having the courage to try new things, please press 2

  • If you need to hear about having the courage to take a risk, please press 3

  • If you need to hear about having the courage to shine your light, please press 4

“The kindergarten team created the hotline, but it is intended to be used by people of all ages– everyone needs courage at different times in their lives and they’ve provided an additional resource to help people,” said Principal Rachel Jones, Gurney Elementary School.  “Instead of talking to someone or reporting a problem like other hotlines, this one provides you with recorded wisdom and advice from kindergarten students who have been studying and discussing courage all year long. After listening to it, they hope you’ll feel inspired to take on whatever your challenge is.”

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