Happy Father’s Day Dad

Today I want to share with all of you the letter I wrote my dad for Father’s Day today. While I understand that not all of us were blessed with a maternal father who was there, I do think that we can look at our lives and see those father figures who made a huge difference in our lives. I hope that you’ll take a moment to thank your “dad” today, even if that person isn’t your real father, taking a moment to say thanks would mean the world to them I am sure. So to all the fathers, and those who’s hearts are fatherly, Happy Father’s Day! To everyone else, I hope you enjoy this small picture of what fatherhood means to me.

Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day! Today is my third Father’s Day and as each day passes in my journey of fatherhood I come to realize more and more what an amazing father that you are. As I look at the world around me you are a rare breed these days.

When I was younger I definitely took you for granted. I don’t think I fully realized what you were doing at times. Now as I look at my own son, I understand a little more each and every day what you were up to and what you were trying to teach me.

I’m slowly learning that the behavior I model is much more important than the words that I say, and as I look back you modeled some of the most important lessons that I have ever learned. You taught me:

  1. That hard work is the best way to achieve my goals.
  2. That I should respect my elders and that they can teach me a lot.
  3. That if I want to grow, I need to find positive influences to be around.
  4. You showed me how to be strong when I need to be strong, and just as importantly you taught me to be gentle and kind. The world needs more strong kind men and I am glad I am one of them because of your example.
  5. You taught me to never quit. I don’t think I have ever seen you quit at anything that matters. That lesson is something that I missed at first, but now it is something that I understand and I appreciate more and more as each year passes.
  6. You taught me to not only ask for help when I need it, but then to apply the advice that I am given. This is another rare treasure to have in my toolset. More people should do this, but you just showed me how.
  7. You’ve taught me the importance of valuing my body and staying healthy. I still tell people to this day that you’re in better shape than I am. I value the legacy of healthy genetics that you’ve passed along to my son and I. What an amazing gift.
  8. You’ve always shown me the love of reading and writing that you have. I still have almost every letter you’ve ever written me, and you are always carrying around a stack of books that you’re reading. What a great example that I now take to heart every day. I love reading and writing thanks to you. Those are gifts that continue to unlock doors all around me every day.
  9. You’ve taught me what it means to be a good provider. I never went without anything as a kid. You showed me love every day and every moment by being a man that our entire family could depend on.
  10. You taught me how to stand on my own and be strong, and you also showed me the balance of being there for me and giving me things even when I didn’t deserve them. I didn’t always understand this balance as a kid growing up, but now as I look back I can see that you did the right thing. Who knows if you knew what you were doing at the time, since I was your first son, but now I know you did it perfectly. Thanks for being so balanced and supportive, but also making me figure out important things on my own.

I’m glad that today I have the time to sit back and reflect and appreciate all the gifts you’ve given me dad. I think that true fatherhood is measured by the results. Take a moment and sit back and be proud of what you’ve done.

My son and I

You’ve weathered a lot of storms, and made a lot of tough decisions, so many that I’ll never even know about or understand, but I know that you did that for me, and I know that you did that for all of us.

Look at each one of your children today. I personally don’t know a more amazing group of kids, and you should be extremely proud of yourself today. You did well dad. I’ll bet everything that your Father is going to say “well done good and faithful servant” when you walk through the gates some day and see Grandpa again too.

I love you dad and I’m forever grateful for the man you have been and that you are in my life today.

Happy Father’s Day!


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