High School Students Assist Eighth Graders With Writing

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During the week of Jan. 11, Chagrin Falls High School Write Place interns provided personalized writing help to Mr. John Scott’s eighth grade social studies students at Chagrin Falls Middle School. Interns visited his fourth period class where they worked with writers face-to-face. His second period students submitted their essays to the Write Place OWL (Online Writing Lab) where interns provided feedback digitally.

Mr. Scott’s students have been studying the Constitution of the United States and were asked to analyze six documents and write an essay that demonstrated that the constitution created a strong national government that did have limits, and how the individual rights of the people were protected.

“I was impressed with how well the interns worked with my students,” said Scott.  “The feedback they received was invaluable. Each of my students collaborating with the interns on their own writing style will only help in future assignments as well.”

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