Huskies Take a Bite Out of the Vikings

Inductees into the Cardinal Hall of Fame – Joyce Tudor, Willilam Fisher, Jimmy Soltis, Lyndsay Cummins, Heather Fisher (not pictured), Tony Fuduric, Tony Peters, Stephanie Ronyak, John Sudyk, Tom Shipman, Ron West, and Chris Pokorny.
Inductees into the Cardinal Hall of Fame – Joyce Tudor, Willilam Fisher, Jimmy Soltis, Lyndsay Cummins, Heather Fisher (not pictured), Tony Fuduric, Tony Peters, Stephanie Ronyak, John Sudyk, Tom Shipman, Ron West, and Chris Pokorny.

Friday night brought in the reminder that summer is over. It also brought in that it was definitely time for some football. With the chilly breeze hitting us, Cardinal welcomed the new class of athletes into their Hall of Fame. The warm rounds of applause rang through the stands at it was time to welcome the players to the field! The coin was flipped and with the whistle blown, the game was underway.

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Cardinal was set back to receive. With the ball coming their way, you could tell they were more than ready for this game. With a short return, the Huskies started out their drive on their own 33 yard line. In less than 4 minutes, Cardinal put the first points of the game on the board. This was one of those plays where you couldn’t take your eyes off the field or you would have missed it.

The ball was snapped and you saw a handoff. The line of scrimmage was filled with Waterloo’s defense and Cardinal’s offense, everyone tackling someone. Out from the chaos running for the end zone was Nate Peters, running 55 yards for the Huskies’ first touchdown of the game. Kyle Gubanyar’s point after kick was good making the score 7-0.

Waterloo received the kickoff on their own 12 yard line. The Cardinal defense held them and they were forced to punt. I will tell you that the punter from Waterloo is one of the best I have seen in high school football. Even though he set up our Huskies on their own 42 with a little more than 6 minutes left of the quarter, they didn’t worry. Kyle Simms threw 13 yards to KC Cress for 6 points. Cardinal went for a two point conversion. They weren’t able to convert it making the score 13-0. That finished off the first quarter of a great game. Time for round two.

Waterloo started out the second quarter making up a few yards. William Bolanz threw a deep 54 yard pass to the end zone. The point after kick was good making the score 13-7. That didn’t seem to scare the Huskies. Even though the offense couldn’t get anything going on their next possession and were forced to punt, the defense kicked in. They forced a turnover setting the offense up with only 45 yards to go to the end zone. They ate away the yards with Lester Troyer Jr. finishing off the drive when he ran the last 5 yards for a touchdown. Gubanyar’s kick was good adding to the lead with a score of 20-7. Both teams made sure that they would be the last points of the half. Cress secured it with his second interception of the night, this one finishing off the clock. The whistle blew and they headed to the locker rooms to rest and get their game plans ready.


During halftime, the marching bands got down with some great tunes and moves entertaining us while we bounced around trying to stay warm. Both schools showed us how they get down with their dance moves. Cardinal gave us a little bit of everything including Lebron James’s iconic powder tradition. The fight songs were played and it was time to cap off the show and bring the teams back out for the second half.

The Vikings set to receive the ball to start the third quarter. Again, the strength of the defense showed when Brant Zemelka recovered a fumble giving the Huskies possession deep on their own 18 yard line. With a series of long runs, Cardinal topped it off with a 15 yard touchdown run from Clark Thurling. Gubanyar sent the ball flying through the uprights making the score 27-7.

The Vikings weren’t able to make much of a return on the kickoff. That gave Cardinal great field possession when they forced a Waterloo turnover. Time and yards ticked away. With a little more than 3 minutes left in the quarter, Thurling caught a 5 yard pass from Simms. Gubanyar went 4 for 4, then he nailed the point after kick. The score was now 33-7. Those would be the final points of the game.

The fourth quarter consisted of both teams fighting to keep the other one out of the end zone. They both succeeded with Cardinal snagging another interception. This time it was by Thurling. The clock ran down to zero as the teams shook hands and congratulated each other on a great game. Final score was 33-7, giving the Huskies another win for the season!


Cardinal made a lot of waves this game with their rushing yards. Troyer had 134 of his own. The team total was 367. These boys have speed and know how to avoid and take tackles to get those extra yards. It helps when they have players who can make those big plays on both sides of the ball. Cress can cause turnovers and gain some well needed yards. Thurling can put fear in anyone’s eyes. With his quickness, he can return kickoffs and punts, gain rushing yards, and be the worse nightmare to a defense. He had the most tackles of the team Friday night, helping to hold Waterloo to one touchdown.

With this much talent, this is a team that you have to see. A record of 3-0 so far should be enough to tell you that. This Friday they take on Beachwood at home. Go support these boys and enjoy yourself some cheese on a stick!


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