If You Can Spot It, You Can Sketch It with the GPD

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Hey kids, like sketching or cartoons? Join contagiously fun Astro-Naturalist Chris Mentrek during winter break for tips on observing and drawing Nature!

Nature Drawing for Kids (Ages 12-15) will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 29 from 1-2 p.m. at The West Woods Nature Center, 9465 Kinsman Road (Route 87), Russell Twp.

NOTE: Program for ages 8-11 now wait-listed.

Participants will practice drawing Nature at three levels of detail – rapid cartoons, quick sketches and detailed drawings – using sketching pencils and colored pencils. Each session will practice a mammal, a fish, a bird, an invertebrate and a plant, with reference specimens available as guides. Each session after we will practice more complex techniques for transforming simple cartoons into most polished illustration – techniques like blending, shading and drawing from a reference grid.

Astro-Nat Chris said he loves drawing Nature because it forces him to be a much keener observer. “Once you’ve gotten into the habit of drawing animals, you start instinctively planning illustrations whenever you look at an animal. Every time you see a creature, you think, ‘Hmm, how would I draw that?’ Then you start noticing details you wouldn’t otherwise notice,” he explained.

“Plus, once you start drawing animals, you realize that Nature is intensely stingy with its body plans: once you can draw one mammal, you’re pretty much ready to draw ANY mammal.”

Registration is required for this different kind of Nature experience on the website or by phone at 440-286-9516. All supplies will be provided for your use when you get there. Also, feel free to bring in a Nature drawing from home to show off – we would love to see it!

The West Woods Nature Center is fully wheelchair/stroller accessible.

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