Increase Productivity and Save with BigMountain Technology

BIGMountain Technology, a local Bainbridge company owned by Thomas Fazio, is a provider of outsourced information technology to small and midsize businesses and organizations. They offer a wide variety of computer-related products and services including hardware, software, consulting, training and network support.

Companies may choose customized IT outsourcing solutions OR a complete managed service solution that offers:

  • one service provider which eliminates having to deal with multiple companies
  • one monthly fee to evaluate, acquire, deploy, and support all the different aspects of your IT infrastructure, saving you time and money.

By using the latest technology, they will maximize your business’s potential by providing:

  • enterprise level technology to small and mid-sized businesses and organizations
  • efficient and productive systems
  • superior customer service
  • quick response time

Virtualization Specialists

Today’s computers are designed to run one operating system and application at a time. This means small data centers have to deploy many servers which only operate at 15 percent capacity, at best.

Virtualization software enables several operating systems and applications to run on one physical server or “host.” Each self-contained “virtual machine” is isolated from the others and uses as much of the host’s computing resources as it requires.

BIGMountain Technology can simplify your IT infrastructure by creating a more dynamic and flexible data center with VMware software and significantly reduce IT costs – oftentimes by half.

Virtualization helps you:

  • Run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer
  • Consolidate hardware for higher productivity from fewer servers
  • Save 50 percent or more on overall IT costs
  • Speed up and simplify IT management, maintenance, and the deployment of new applications

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization distributes standardized desktops to employees regardless of whether they are in the office or working remotely.

In a traditional client/server network, once a PC is infected with a virus, IT managers have to clean each desktop and reset it to its previous state. Often, data is lost and the entire process may take hours, if not days, depending on the number of clients infected. In a virtualized environment, a new virtual desktop can be re-created for the infected user allowing him/her to be more productive. Patches, software designed to fix or improve a computer program, including security vulnerabilities, can be delivered along with system updates improving the usability and performance.

Remote Support

All computer users encounter problems, and there are inevitably times when immediate help is needed. With a remote support system in place with BigMountain, technicians can assist you anywhere and on nearly any device as long as you are connected to the internet.

Their experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you maximize your business’s potential with the latest technology. They will save you time and money and help your business grow with efficient and productive systems.

Call today and discover how BigMountain Technology can provide the necessary support at affordable rates in this ever-changing world of technology.


BIGMountain Technology, LLC
9475 Stafford Rd
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 

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