It’s Me, Your Dog. I Have an Important Request.

It’s November and most of us have made some preparations for the long cold winter ahead. Keeping the family warm and staying healthy throughout the winter are no doubt a priority. But what about that four legged furry fellow in your home? Are there things you should consider to make sure he is also warm and healthy throughout the cold season? If your dog had a voice in the matter, this is what he may tell you!


1. I still need to be brushed.

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean I want all the loose and dirty hair on my body. The warm temperature in the house actually makes me shed more and my coat can actually get more matted than ever! By brushing me, you can prevent those tangles and you’ll also be distributing the natural oils in my coat which help my skin from drying out. Plus – it feels so good!

2. Please check my feet often.

Snow, ice, and salt can be a true pain to us dogs! My poor feet can get these nasty things stuck in between my toes or hurt the bottom of my paws and cause lots of problems for me. Please rinse my feet regularly with warm water. A little epsom salts in that water is even better. Foot baths aren’t just for you bipeds! Clip the extra hair growing between pads so I don’t get baby snowballs forming which are very uncomfortable to walk on. And please keep my toenails short! I really like to run and play in the cold, but those toenails can break more easily and that’s no fun. Booties may be good for some of us, but you may want to try socks first before you spend the money. Some of my kind just can’t stand things on our feet!

3. Doggie coats are for outdoors.

I know you like me to look my best during the winter and you like to dress me up. Remember though that these sweaters and jackets can rub against my coat which can actually contribute to knotting and matting my fur. If I am a very short haired breed, and I need to wear my jacket or sweater inside, please check me frequently and brush or comb me more often.

4. Can you take just 5 minutes a day?

I know you are very busy and I understand, but do you think you could set just five minutes aside each day to groom me? One day you can just comb out my legs. Another day just my belly. And don’t forget that my eyes, ears, and nose need some special gentle care…ummm, and yes, even the “other end” needs special care, too! This is where you may want to schedule regular appointments with a groomer. They can help me stay clean and healthy in those areas if you would rather not do it. But please remember that I do need attention given to those parts or else I cannot be at my best!

If you want to be sure your dog is getting the best grooming care possible, Lisa over at The Groom Room does a fantastic job! She’s been grooming for over 25 years and has quite a number of happy “clien-tail” that come through her doors. Give her a call and schedule your dog’s winter “hair appointments” to assure that both he and you stay warm, healthy, and happy this winter.

The Groom Room


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