It’s smart to stay after school!

There was a time when students stayed after school only when they were punished with detentions. That was certainly not the case for 40+ members of Mu Alpha Theta, our mathematics honor society, who gathered after school on Wednesday afternoon to participate in the Ohio Math League (OML) Contest.

The OML contest involves monthly challenges over a six-month period. Society members also participate in contests sponsored by the Catholic Math League, the national Mu Alpha Theta organization, and Association for Women in Mathematics.

Mathematics Department Chairperson Mrs. Marcia Pecek and Mathematics teachers Mrs. Beth Ward and Mrs. Lindsey Sanborn advise Mu Alpha Theta.

Arimathea Society assists in final journeys
NDCL’s Saint Joseph of Arimathea Society provides pall bearers for the funerals of persons who have no immediate family or who have no relatives or friends capable of serving in this role. Local funeral directors reach out to us on behalf of families in need.

“We help people whom we don’t know and will probably never see again, but we make them happy by bringing some comfort. They’re always so grateful,” commented senior Dominick Roberts, who joined five of his classmates as pall bearers for a funeral on Wednesday.

Dominick explained that students usually do more than carry the casket at the cemetery. Often, they participate in the funeral Mass and join in the graveside prayer service.

The society is named after Saint Joseph of Arimathea, who cared for the body of Jesus after the crucifixion and buried our Lord in his own tomb.

CORPORAL WORK OF MERCY: Seniors Joe Ferrino, Ethan Kotnik, Andrew Perovsek, Kelly Quimper, Dominick Roberts, and Nathan Slattery carry a casket to its place of rest in All Souls Cemetery on Wednesday morning.


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