Maple Festival Quiz Time!

A sweet test for all history buffs & festival fans

How much do YOU know about the history of the Maple Festival? Test yourself with these 10 questions to find out!

1. The first Maple Festival was held on April 9 and 10 in:

a. 1923
b. 1926
c. 1932

2. In the 1920s, maple syrup sold for:

a. $1.00 per gallon
b. 50 cents per pint
c. 50 cents per gallon

3. The idea for the first Maple Festival came about to:

a. promote maple products and raise the amount of money producers could get for it
b. celebrate the coming of spring as well as promote local businesses
c. draw attention to the history of the county and the Native Americans’ role in the maple sugaring process

4. It is estimated that ______ people attended the first Festival:

a. 2500
b. 10,000
c. 5700

5. On opening day, Festival goers were greeted by:

a. an ice storm
b. a round of hail
c. a foot of snow

6. The cost of the first Maple Stir was:

a. free
b. 10 cents
c. 15 cents

7. Who attended the first Festival?

a. people from Ohio
b. people from Ohio and 22 other states
c. people from Ohio, 22 states, and England

8. The maple syrup producing region is:

a. very small, mostly around the Great Lakes and eastern Canada
b. plentiful throughout the New England states
c. restricted to the northern half of the United States and southern parts of Canada

9. This year marks the ____ Festival:

a. 86th
b. 82nd
c. 84th

10. This will be my_____ time attending the Maple Festival!

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The information for these questions was gathered from this great article written in 2010 by Terese L. Volkmann 

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