MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center Fosters Creativity in Kids (Open House This Friday!)

Visit the MC Studio summer open house, this Friday, June 1st, 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Ten years of waiting and planning is finally paying off for this treasured Geauga childcare center. MC Studio recently acquired the rest of their building and is currently renovating the space. With the lease of the entire building that houses MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center, there are great plans ahead!

“We’re always growing, and we needed more classroom space,” says Carlene Exline, owner and founder of MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center. “Completing this expansion means room for more children, more programs and the opportunity for further licensing.”

Carlene — or as she’s known to her kids, Miss Car — started this adventure in 1999. She originally founded MC Studio as an art center, formerly known as A Garden’s Way. Then, Carlene licensed her business as a full-service childcare center in 2014. Miss Car saw an opportunity to fulfill a need in the Geauga community:

“We are not a daycare and we aren’t babysitters,” says Miss Car. “None of us have ever sat on a baby and we never will.”

An Active Approach to Childcare

MC Studio uses a flexible, open space layout to offer many classes for kids of all ages. Some popular offerings at MC Studio include: art, gymnastics, martial arts, workshops, introduction to sports and much more.

All classes and programs at MC Studio are designed to engage and plant the love of learning. Carlene Exline explains this with passion and pride:

“Our activities and classes are all interactive. We have fun fitness activities in the morning. We dig for worms to learn about animals and gardening. Everything we do here is to make the kids think, create and learn.”

Children get personal, one-on-one attention from Miss Car and her staff of 11 childcare professionals. Kids are encouraged to create art, play sports and interact with kids their age. There’s a “no device” rule at MC Studio. However, “movie day” or “video game time” are special rewards the children can earn.

Kids Contribute to the Curriculum @ MC Studio

This popular childcare facility isn’t just a place to drop off your kids. It’s an enriching experience designed for and by children.

“Each year, our programs are different from the next.” says Carlene Exline. “The students decide what they want to learn about and what activities they want to do.”

The curriculum is fluid, but it’s all set in the smARTs guidelines of MC Studio: Science, Math, Art, Reading, Technology and Social & Emotional development.

Carlene and her staff pride themselves on taking feedback from former students, parents and the children that attend MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center. They don’t run a dictatorship. This is a program developed just for these kids.

MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center Art Classes and Childcare

Enriching the Lives of Children

To hear Carlene speak to the kids she’s caring for doesn’t sound like a babysitter talking to a child. It reminds you of how a teacher educates a student, but it’s more than that.

Miss Car speaks to the kids at MC Studio like they’re on her level. She treats them with respect and takes their ideas seriously. Maybe that’s why her former students come back as volunteers, teachers and staff.

“We have kids from past classes, who are now in highschool, and they come back to assist teachers, play with the kids and help organize and keep our studio safe for our children,” says Miss Car.

“With everything they could do at that age, they choose to come back here for work or to volunteer. I think that shows you we’re doing something right.”

All-Inclusive Classes + Affordable Prices = Incredible Value

Unlike other facilities, MC Studio includes all their classes with their child care services. When you enroll your child with MC Studio, they can participate in art, music, dance, science and sports classes — all at no extra charge.

Along with their all-inclusive childcare services, MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center offers parents the summer flexibility they need. Carlene emphasizes why this is important:

“During the summer, schedules are hectic. You have vacations, summer programs and classes for your kids. There’s a lot to coordinate with you and your family.

“We don’t ‘lock you in’ to a set class schedule. You bring your kids by on the days you need to. There’s no feeling that you’re obligated to send them here on a day that doesn’t work for you.”

With all-inclusive classes and flexible summer scheduling, it’s easy to see how MC Studio offers tremendous value for the money. Their childcare services are more affordable than one may think, and most other childcare centers charge extra for class instruction.

MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center works with all families and families with childcare assistance vouchers (ECC.) Contact MC Studio for need-based scholarships and financial aid information. They also offer flexible payment options.  

MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center Art Classes and Childcare

Join MC Studio for Summer Classes and Childcare

As an artist and educator, Miss Car brings creativity and diverse activities into her classroom. Yes, MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center is a licensed child care center — but they go above-and-beyond just watching your kids.

Meet Miss Car and her staff, and see for yourself what makes them different from other child care providers. Check out MC Studio during their next open house: Friday, June 1st, 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Click here to view the full MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center summer class schedule.

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