Meet Al and Bruce: Preston’s Pick Up and Delivery Team!

Pick up teamWe all know how important it is to keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle, but for a lot of us it’s hard to find the time to fit in a visit to a service center. That’s where pick up and delivery service comes in handy for the busy car owner.

What is usually a luxury car amenity has been a complementary service at Preston Superstore for over 20 years. Al Roberts and Bruce Byers have been doing all of our pick up’s for several years and have come to know the names and faces of many of our customers! They just might be the busiest two people at the dealership as they drive both near and far. From Geauga County’s Burton and Chardon to as far as Bay Village and Akron, these two men sure do make the rounds! With 10 to 15 pick ups and deliveries a day, they have a few stories to tell as well!

On a pick up in Windsor this past winter, the two men found themselves helping a customer move a huge apple tree from a blocked driveway! Bruce explains they were at the right place at the right time. “The customer was just newly widowed and had been blocked in her house all day. We told her not to worry, and we pulled the tree off the driveway with her four wheeler and then went about our pick up!”

“She was very grateful we were there,” adds Al, “and we were happy to help.”

Customers aren’t shy when telling us how much they appreciate the service. Keith from Chardon says, “The pick up and drop off service is a true benefit of buying a car at Preston!”

Shonna from Chesterland says, “Your shuttle service is fabulous! It is so hard to find time to take a vehicle in for maintenance, but this solves the problem!”

We pick up from home, school, work; east side to west side. Al and Bruce are an important part of our company as they are the face of our dealership for many customers who use the service regularly. They also have gained valuable trust from our customers. Al says, “ I had one customer forget to leave his keys in the car, and when I called him he said, “Oh, just go right in the house and get them off my kitchen table.“

We are happy to provide this free service to our customers and we are lucky to have two great employees take such great care of our customers and their vehicles. Let us know when we can pick up your car!


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Jackie Preston Franck
Author: Jackie Preston Franck

Jackie Preston Franck works on marketing and advertising for the Preston Superstore in Burton. Jackie has a background in broadcast television and has been involved in the car business for 20 years. She grew up in Newbury and now resides in Auburn Township with her husband Andy and their two children.